Traditional leaders seek to end early marriages


Traditional leaders in Phalombe and Thyolo have joined hands in the fight against early marriages which is rampant in the two districts.

Speaking to local media, Traditional Authority Mchilamwela said as community leaders they will do all they can to end early marriages in their areas.

Traditional leaders against early marriages. (File)

He said they have developed a policy as a way of ensuring that girls do not drop out of school to get married.

“We have developed this policy to end early marriages for good,” he explained.

He however observed that cultural practices are some of the factors hindering their progress but as community leaders they will make sure that this as well becomes a story of the past.

Chief Mchilamwela then thanked several organisations such as Girls Empowerment Network for taking part in the initiative.

The chief said with support from the organisation, 120 girls have been sent back to schools.

He said the organisation has been encouraging the girls to work hard in school so as to become independent in future.



  1. The sickness of many leaders today is too much talking and no action. I don’t know who do they want to impress. Useless Traditional Leaders.

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