Statement on sensational story and nude photos attributed to Malawi24


Malawi24 Online Newspaper would like to distance itself from a write up circulating on the social media along with nude photos of a woman.

The write up claims that the photos have been leaked by people that were in possession of her boyfriend’s lost phone. The source of the news has been attributed as Malawi24.

We would like to categorically refute the said reports. In no any way has Malawi24 ever published such a story on any of its platforms.

The said attribution to us is, at best, fictional and, at worst, an attack on Malawi24 as a responsible online media.

Malawi24 is a professional media house whose stories are posted on the link. Anything posted anywhere even if attributed to Malawi24 should be considered false and treated with the contempt it deserves.

13 March 2018.

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  1. Zoona Malawi24 ndi akatswiri sangaonetse nyasi ngati zimene zija ine wina atandiuza masanau ndinayesetsa kufufuza Ku Malawi24eeeeee kulibe

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