Horror in Machinga: Person with albinism abducted

Albinism in Malawi

The strides that were made in protecting people with albinism have once again been dwarfed.

A person with albinism was on Friday abducted in Machinga, at a village close to Malawi’s border with Mozambique.

Albinism in Malawi
Kondowe: has confirmed the development. (Disability Focus)

Confirming on this, president of Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) Overstone Kondowe identified the victim as Mark Masambuka who went missing last week Friday at Mbawa trading centre.

“He left his home to buy a mat in company with a friend and later was seen outside a bar while the friend was inside,” he explained.

That was the last time that community members saw of him as later his steps could not be traced.

The owner of the bar was later noted on Saturday morning with injuries on his body which raised people’s eyebrows.

Members of the community thought that the injuries were sustained at the time the bar owner was attacking Masambuka.

This was later reported to the Police who arrested the bar owner.

Meanwhile, the unidentified friend who was with the victim is still at large while police investigations are underway.

People with albinism in the district together with other members of the community are angry about the issue and are demanding for the victim’s return.

Mark Masambuka hails from Nakawa village in the area of Traditional Authority Nkoola in Machinga district.



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