NRFA looking for more league sponsors


Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) says it is discussing with potential sponsors for the Simama League.

NFRA Vice Chairperson Mbonekela Msiska said they want sponsorship for the league, which is currently at K7 million, to reach K8 million.


Mbonekela Msiska: We want sponsorship for the league.

“In 2018 season Simama League will be at 8 million Kwacha, although it’s too early to announce where the additional one million will come from but this will happen.

“The Association is working hard to promote the league as we are spending sleepless nights looking for more co- sponsors to come in,” said Msiska.

Last season, sponsorship for the league was at K4 million but Bishop Abraham Simama raised it to K5 million for the 2018 season.

NRFA later convinced Superior Oil Company to inject K2 million and partner Simama in sponsoring the league.

The Simama League is expected to start early next month in accordance with Football Association of Malawi calendar.

NRFA also has plans to increase number of participating from 16 to 19.