Kaliati duped


Former Malawi cabinet minister, Patricia Kaliati, has lost over one million Kwacha to a fraudster who has conned several DPP and government officials.

According to published reports, Kaliati deposited the money into an Airtel Money account belonging to Geoffrey Kaunga for a title deed and surveying purposes of the land she had procured.



Kaliati joins the long list of DPP’s senior officials that have fallen victim to the fraudster who has unintentionally exposed the rotten system at Ministry of Lands and corruption tendencies by senior government and ruling party officials.

Other officials are Presidential Advisor Symon Vuwa Kaunda, Minister of Mines Aggrey Masi, Director of Public Affairs in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Gerald Viola, Former Ministerof Agriculture, Allan Chiyembekeza, and Richard Msowoya’s son.

But Kaliati, who made the deposit last December, blamed officials at the ministry of lands.

“I believe 100 percent that there are people in the ministry who are using these boys. How did he know I needed a title deed and surveying services?” wailed Kaliati.

However, the police are yet to apprehend the culprit despite having his bank and Airtel Money account details.



  1. So can the country develop with fools like these on top position? Do you do Government transactions on airtel money? Did you receive a receipt from government?

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