Three men commit suicide in LL


Three men in Lilongwe have committed suicide over the past eight days, Police say.

Kanengo police spokesperson Laban Makalani said on the 2nd of March, a 42 year old man identified as Frackson Chisiwintha, who hailed from Chikololoto village, Traditional Authority Chitukula in the district hanged himself inside his house located within his home village.

“During the time of the incident, the man was staying alone in the house as his wife was reported to be critically ill at her home village. His 15 year old son, who resides with his grandfather within the village is the one who discovered about the incident after he had decided to pay him (the man) a visit,” Makalani said.

Another incident occurred on 6th March when a 33 year old man identified as Elia Dausi of Kalang’oma village, Traditional Authority Chitukula also hanged himself inside his house within his village.

During the day of the incident, the man who was a bricklayer went out to fetch for piecework within the village.

“He returned home at about 1700hrs where he found his wife away. He locked himself inside and the wife arrived home from a river where she had gone to fetch water only to find the door locked,” Makalani said.

After she forced the door open, the wife found that the man had hanged himself.

According to Makalani, on same 6th March another man at New Shire in Area 49, Lilongwe, identified as Pheronce Pendame aged 39 committed suicide by taking poison.

“His house servant, who was the only person within the compound, suspected foul play after observing that his boss was vomiting.

“The servant later informed the deceased’s wife who was then at work. The wife rushed home and took him to African Bible College (ABC) Clinic before he was referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) where he was pronounced dead upon arrival,” said Makalani.

There is no clear reason as to why the three men decided to take away their lives.

Meanwhile, Police are advising members of the general public to seek counselling from relevant authorities whenever they are aggrieved.





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