Network geared to reduce human trafficking


The Malawi Network against Trafficking in Persons has embarked on a campaign aimed at raising awareness on human trafficking in the country’s border districts.

Speaking to local media, the network’s national coordinator Maxwell Matewere said they want to reduce cases of human trafficking in the country.

Matewere explained that establishment of the campaign has come after realising that the cases of human trafficking are still on the rise.

“We want to make sure that human trafficking comes to an end , we will be conducting awareness campaign so that people living in our  borders districts are civic educated and fully aware about this issue,” he explained.

He added that though some of the community members in border areas are aware of human trafficking and its effects, the network will not stop with its campaign until it has accomplished its goal.

Meanwhile, members of the general public have been urged to work hand in hand with the network in creating a free environment for everyone.

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