Police officers accused of stealing fuel


People who do businesses in Phalombe have accused police officers of stealing and selling resources meant for tightening security in the district.

Vendors in the district made the accusations on Thursday during a stakeholders meeting on security as they were looking for solutions of dealing with cases about insecurity rocking the district.

MalawiThe Police explained in the meeting that they are failing to conduct patrols due to limited resources such as shortage of police officers and fuel.

However, Chairperson for Phalombe Business People Association, Dyson Mkovole, disclosed in an interview with Malawi24 that some police officers have been seen selling fuel which the police claim that they lack for patrols.

“You know we have been helping them with resources but the same police officers who are claiming that they lack things such as fuel for patrols we have been seeing them selling fuel which we believe they steal from the police station, this is worrisome,” he said.

When asked to comment on the allegations, Phalombe Police publicist, Innocent Moses, could not deny or admit but he said some misguided officers could be doing such malpractices.

“We all know that where there are people some chose to do what they think is best to them but it is my plea that the vendors should tell either the Officer in Charge or other relevant authorities,” said Moses.

In his remarks, District Commissioner for Phalombe, Gossam Mafuta, urged the Police that they should make sure that all the resources provided are used for the intended purposes and for the benefit of people around the district.

“This issue seems to be serious, I am asking my fellow friends from the Police to use the resources for the scheduled duties,” he said.

Mafuta then asked the stakeholders thus from Civil Society Organisations and the business fraternity to continue helping the Police in protecting the rights of people across the district.

Mpasa Ward Councillor, Damson Chiphaka, was the one who organized the conference with funding from one of the non-governmental organizations in the district United Purpose (UP).