Hazel Mak electrifies BBC with Ine ndi Iwe

Hazel Mak

The International Women’s Day which was being commemorated yesterday across the world, got better with Malawian songstress Hazel Mak in the spotlight.

Hazel dished out her forthcoming single, Ine ndi Iwe, on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) yesterday in celebration of women’s day.

Hazel Mak
Hazel Mak

Speaking to Bola Mosuro in Focus on Africa programme on Thursday, the Malawian musician explained the song having treated listeners to a taste of the artwork.

“I named the song Ine ndi Iwe which means you and I since its international women’s day. As women we have to stick together because there is beauty and magic in the sisterhood of being a woman. That’s what the song is basically about, it’s written in a way that as a mother you can listen to,” she said.

According to the Liyaya hit maker, Iwe ndi Ine will be recorded on Saturday. She added that her relationship with her sister has mainly laid foundation for the track.

Born Hazel Makunganya, she makes the list of local musicians who are making strides in marketing Malawi through art. She continues to work with internationally recognised artists in an effort to fulfil the cause.




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