No more stealing of public funds from 2018 –Mutharika


President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has said that his government will make sure that from this year no coin from public coffers will be swindled.

Mutharika made the sentiments in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe during the launch of National Security Policy at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC).

Mutharika: I want to see tight security of public funds.

According to Mutharika, the policy will enhance tight security on public funds such that no one will steal Malawian’s taxes.

“National Security include safety of our public resources. I want to see tight security of public funds in our treasury. Never, and never again should there be a repeat of cashgate in this country. There shall be no theft of public funds from this year,” Mutharika said.

He further disclosed that new IFMIS software is now ready and it will make sure that all transactions are happening properly.

“We have now finalised procurement of a new IFMIS software. Processing of all transactions will be in real time in all Government departments everywhere.

“Reconciliation of accounts will be done on a daily basis. We are going to do away with cheque payments and move to Electronic Funds Transfer. Payments will be fast and secure. All financial systems will be interfaced. The IFMIS will be talking to Human Resource Management Information System and the Reserve Bank. There shall be no more ghost workers in this country,” Mutharika added.

Malawi’s first citizen stressed that for public funds to be safe, Malawians must join hands in fighting corruption.

“Our resolve to secure public resources should complement our collective fight against corruption. The trouble with Malawi is there came a point when corruption became a culture. This is a culture that got entrenched in our nation slowly over many years. And cashgate was a climax of it all,” Mutharika said.

According to Mutharika, most Malawians believe that corruption is normal and there are also some people who believe that corruption involves politicians and government officials only.

Mutharika said such Malawians are living in denial and he noted that the fight against the vice demands acceptance of the problem and collective fight.

The president then urged Malawians to report corrupt individuals or any corrupt activity to Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), police, Financial Intelligence Authority, or the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and if it is at local level should be reported to the District Commissioner (DC).



  1. Why now? because his pockets are full.
    This is just a political retorting because his friend Chaponda exposed his mediocre leadership thru maize gate.
    The worst president since multi party democracy is Peter Matchona Mutharika.
    Ask me Why?

  2. DJ Dzidzidzi,the hour of reckoning is around the corner.Pack your bags and leave,,you are a disgrace..School siyinakuthandizeni madala.

  3. Kodi ameneyu mutu wake umagwira ntchito koma ?komaso kumeneku akufuna kutisuntha kapena kutiyesa akakhala wina asamalankhulire dala angodikira judgement on this coming 2019 adanyelera pakumwa ndichisilu ameneyu

  4. Amadikira kuti abemo kaye why now 2018 from 2014 wadabwa chani? Watambatamba ndiye akuyanganano ku mmsawa?

  5. Awona nthawi yayandila, man pitani life zausilu ayi kukhalira kulimba m,Malawi muno chifukwa chausilu wanuwo ndiye tioneko zina mwina zikhoza kutithandia, eh tuu eh.

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