Teenager drowns in Lake Malawi


A 14 year old boy died on Monday after drowning at Chilambwe fishing camp in Nkhatabay.

According to his father, the boy, Amon Chiumia, wanted to meet friends who went fishing on the lake.

Unfortunately, he found they had already left the shore but he could see them on the lake. He then took his canoe and followed them.

On his way, Amon lost balance and fell into the water. His friends tried to rescue him but failed and when they reported to the elders, they found him already dead.

The matter was reported to police who visited the scene together with medical personnel and postmortem that was conducted confirmed that death was due to suffocation.

At the moment, Police are advising members of the general public not to allow minors to go fishing especially during this rainy season.

Amos Chiumia came from Kachipapa Village, T/A Mankhambila in Nkhatabay District.