Guards steal ethanol in LL


Police at Kanengo in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe are keeping in custody two security guards for stealing ethanol worth K3.8 million.

Kanengo police spokesperson Laban Makalani said the two guards, identified as Blessings Messah, 26, and Daniel Peter, 21, have been arrested for conniving with criminals to steal ethanol at Quality Industries Limited, a company which produces spirituous liquor within Kanengo Industrial Area.

MchinjiDuring the day of the incident, the two who were deployed as night duty guards at the company, connived with criminals to steal four drums containing over 1250 litres of ethanol.

“Employees of the company, who were working during a night shift, discovered that robbers had broken into the company’s warehouse,” said Makalani.

Following the discovery, officers from the police and PROTELIGENT where the two guards work were alerted and they rushed to the scene where they arrested the two guards.

A follow up into the matter led to the recovery of the four drums which are worth K3, 875, 000.

The two will answer the charge of breaking into a building and committing a felony therein which falls under section 311 of the penal code.

Blessings Messah hails from Gondamtengo village, Traditional Authority Kalolo in Lilongwe, while Daniel Peter hails from Chambe village, Traditional Authority Kaduya in Phalombe.






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