Chanthunya back home

Misozi Chanthunya

Fugitive Misozi Chanthunya is now back in Malawi where he is expected to face trial for the murder of Linda Gasa.

Gasa who was Chanthunya’s girlfriend was found buried at a lodge in Mangochi in 2010.

Misozi Chanthunya
Misozi Chanthunya

The suspect fled to South Africa following the incident but now, over seven years later, is back in Malawi to face trial.

Chanthunya arrived Thursday afternoon through Kamuzu International Airport.

There was heavy police presence at the airport when Chanthunya disembarked from the Malawian Airlines aircraft before being whisked away by police officers.

He was taken to Lilongwe Police.

Before the deportation, Chanthunya was fighting against his extradition saying he will face capital punishment in Malawi.

But he withdrew his application last week, allowing South African officials to extradite him.



  1. This man for sure he is supposed to receive a stiff punishment so that this can be Alleson to the public a swel as for those who have same characters but due to our corrupt country am not at all sure if truth will be shown..we have abig problem in our country let’s know God we’s my concern

  2. Only God knows what really happened & who committed the crime, we all don’t have the powers of seeing what transpired on that day but God does so let no man judge another, God alone knows & he is the true judge.

  3. Muthu Ali ndi ndalama palichiyani apa abale muthu wandalama akapha muthu palibe bvuto koma onsauka ndiye Mabvuto ndipo chomwe mudziwe chonthi 2010 kuti azipita Ku south Africa ndi court womweo anamuunza chochitha

  4. becouse equity law shall prevail over common law the guy in question should be given a life in prison.

  5. If I was the judge of this case, I could have give this foolish man a death penalty, and if I was the President I could have just sign the death warrant of this foolish man, it pains me alot as if the one who was murdered was my sister. But because this man is very rich then I doubt if justice will be there!

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