Chilima speaks tough on blind loyalty


Malawi’s Vice President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima has warned Malawians to avoid following their leaders blindly and doing everything leaders direct saying such acts are derailing the progress of the country.

Chilima made the remarks during a public lecture at Chancellor College, a constituent college of University of Malawi (Unima).

Saulos Chilima

Vice President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima.

The Malawi Veep talked of things such as jealousy and praising leaders without necessarily knowing the base of the issue as some of issues that citizens must refrain.

“The leader-follower tragedy, a vice arising from followers with blind loyalty. The leader is not told the truth but is flattered. Followers tell what they think the leader likes to hear and do anything their leader directs them to do even if it is unethical,” Chilima said.

On jealousy, he said it is a cardinal sin that needs remedial measures.

“It is for this inherent human nature that there is constitution, guidelines, policies to direct acceptable human conduct,” he said.

According to Chilima, the “wathu, siwathu syndrome” is also a serious vice in the country that if entrenched could lead to financial haemorrhage in organisations.

“It ranges from procurement, to promotions, and a sense of indebtedness is created between the hirer and the hired,” he said.

Chilima also talked of the unethical bondage or state of mental capture as manifested in players in public and private organisations.

He mentioned personalisation of offices, victimising others and nepotism as examples of immorality.

The vice president concluded by saying that moral decadence is a big problem which Malawians need to resolve.

“We need to rebuke unethical behaviour. Report to the authorities when you see some wrongdoing,” he said.




  1. Wi Luv u guys continue to develop dis country wi appreciate ur Luv DAD….may Luving God continue t bless u

  2. Man awawa kunena zowona ali ndi luntha ndipo amawonetsa kuzindikira kwao chabe bvuto ndilakuti mpobvuta kakowa kuwonekera patari pa gulu la akhwangwara

  3. Ngafeki awa. Always beating about the bush mmalo monena momveka bwino zinthu mmene ziliri. Kumangodziwa kunena “njoka saweta”. Osayitchula njokayo bwanji? Yesu amadsudsula afalisi mosapsatira. Vice wanuyu one ayi am not convinced. Samanena momveka bwino.

  4. zoona braz…., u seem to love our motherland tell Ur mate to develop a spirit of fighting for poor as the first citizen of Malawi

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