Tanzania: Opposition leaders jailed for insulting Magufuli

John Magufuli

A lawmaker from the main opposition CHADEMA party has been jailed in Tanzania for insulting President John Magufuli. The parliamentarian, Joseph Mbilinyi, has been convicted together with local leader for the party Emmanuel Masonga.

According to a Reuters report, the two politicians have been sentenced to five months in prison for using abusive language against president Magufuli at a public rally in December.

John Magufuli

“Mbilinyi … used insulting language against President John Magufuli … likely to cause breach of peace,” claimed part of the charge sheet.

According to Tanzania’s penal code, “any person who uses obscene, abusive or insulting language to any other person in such a manner as is likely to cause a breach of the peace” faces a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

CHADEMA’s deputy secretary general John Mnyika told reporters on Monday that the party will appeal.

Meanwhile, European Union and several Western embassies in Tanzania last week voiced concern over politically-related violence and allegations of human rights abuses.

“We note with concern recent developments which threaten democratic values and the rights of Tanzanians in a country which is widely respected in the world for its stability, peacefulness and freedoms,” the European Delegation to Tanzania said in a statement on Friday.

Reuters has also warned that the decision imprison the two politicians is likely to fuel criticism that Magufuli is undermining democracy and stifling free speech in  Tanzania.




  1. U see? I have been telling u that u have good leader despite the fact that u mistreat him none was arrested since he assume the office learn to respect ur leader incuding u Malawi 24.

  2. Jus bcoz magufuli is ruling Tz,this doesn’t necessarily mean that he is above the law,,anayamba bwino his term in office but now he is messin up big time..bingu anayambanso choncho..my fingers are crossed,,tione mmene zithere

  3. Magufuli wayenela kulandila ulemu wabweletsa zitukuko zambili ku Tanzania kotelo kuti sangafanane ndi nyapapi wakuno sakufuna kutula pansi udindoyu

    1. Aaron Mbwani wandale ndi wa opposition? Analembetsa kuti? Ar u a Malawian? ……wandale ali ndichipani? Kkkkkkkkkk usandikomole nkukuseka

    2. What I said is nothing but the truth.
      Who is an opposition politician who has ever been arrested for insulting Peter Muthalika?

  4. Then APM must be a very democratic president for not arresting any opposition thugs so far

  5. Opposition leaders have got right to respect the president not to insult him. This is time for Magufuli

  6. Thanks for the awareness but it’s None of our business ….. unless you let us knw what the insult was talking abwt? But if what he was saying is true… then…. TZ… is lacking of good governors

  7. The democracy of Tanzania is a sham when u cannt criticise your leader for bad leadership. He is not God but a human being full of faults. It will take a long time in Africa for leaders to appreciate democracy

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