Manganya to end donor dependence

Michael Usi

Renowned comedian Michael Usi popularly known as Manganya has disclosed that his philosophy “Wakudya zake alibe mulandu” is aimed at ending donor dependence in Malawi.

Speaking on the local press, Usi said Malawi will develop if people adopt the new philosophy.

Usi explained that Malawi needs to be independent financially and not always seek donor aid at all times for the country to be free from interferences of donor community.

Michael Usi
Michael Usi: Malawians must not depend on donors.

“A Malawi ayenela kupeza zochita, kugwila ntchito ndimatukuka osati kudalila chithandizo chakunja (Malawians must have economic activities, should work and improve their lives rather than relying on donations),” said Usi.

He further urged government to have mechanism of bailing out people from the challenges faced in the country and not relying on borrowing.

“Pano mungoti ngongole iyi zatengedwa. izi zatengedwa, ngongole zimenezitu akuzabweza ndi ana anthu kusogoloko, ndemoti tizawasiyile dziko labwino, tikuzawasiyila ngongole (Now we hear reports that government is borrowing money, our children will repay these loans. Instead of leaving them with a developed country we will leave them with loans.

Usi has since explained that his philosophy is not meant to be a political party in Malawi, but a guide on the leadership that can serve the interests of Malawians.




  1. manganya even his organisation where he is head also is depending on donors wonder how he is going to govern without donors. he mustnt talk kaki here

  2. Good motivation Michael….we need to be economically independent,50+s years being independent is not a joke

  3. Soon wi become dependence coz our luvly 1and only prezident in malawi dats Professor introduce new ideas dat wil set us free …..kom MCP anzanga sichipan kom njuga aliyense wammenemo angafuna pali ndalama bac sangatilamulire ife amalawi tiyen tiwasiyire anuwake ndale a de ruling DPP

    1. mfundo xake ndxabwno ndmamumvera dzulo kma power change ppo so it wl b difficult to trust him wen he has no power

  4. Manganya l love your ideological mind, you can make a very good advisor to the MCP President.
    Too many political parties will definitely divide the vote.
    Now is the time to join hands and vote out these DPP perpetual thieves so that we can end donor dependence.
    Manganya mark my words,

  5. This Guy is too comic, he once challenged Masamba in boxing not knowing he was shooting a movie, maybe this is part two!!

  6. If all the moneys collected from taxes are a located to intended purposes, I tell u, Malawi would have been somewhere. I just heard that some MPs have pocketed 40 million each for just helping in shooting down election bill…….should we say that’s the right direction we are taking as a nation? I cry for my beloved country Malawi. But believe u me, Malawi can do much better than this!!!!!!

  7. Do u think that philosophy will make Mw a transformed courntry?malawians need meaningful philosophys that will remedy our poverty&make mw a desireble country to lv.

  8. Malawi itaima pa yokha ndikuziwatso kuti tingachite bwino ..
    Koma Vuto Ndi anthu Ali Malawi sauziwa udindo wawo chani. Chifukwa wina ananama kuti Malawi Ndi yosauka anangoti ndife osauka. Malawi its not a poor country. But we malawias we ar poor in mind. Kodi misokho yomwe amatorera imapita kuti ndalama Popeza ma dona amatithandiza kale. Lekani kugona amalawi (USi) akunena zoona . stop donor dependency start our owrn

  9. The biggest problem in Malawi is that its leaders tend to focus much on their political status and not having development minds. in the time of Kamuzu press trust had farm operated but now our government has no single garden to produce maize. In Mulanje soils favour pineapples bananas but nothing is being processed. In Mwanza citrus fruits and nothing to encourage growers.Ntcheu and Dedza their soils favour irish potatoes and tomatoes and what does the government do to invest in these soils? and the other thing is that Malawians have a strong appetite to test goods that are imported. You find someone buying imported tomato sause just becoz is from Zimbabwe. The question could be malawians are failing to own atomato canning compony or what? where is One Village One Programme? I tell you Malawians are good programmes that are not implemented.This is pathetic.kkkkkkkk corruption at its best

  10. Dr Usi muli ndi nzeru, koma anthu sangakutengeleni serious chifukwa cha ma drama anu aja, picture ya anthu pa inu mpovuta kuyisintha. Zimene mumachita mu drama zija anthu ena amaganiza kuti ndinu otero pamene inu muli wabwinobwino.

    1. Kkkkkkk simunama akulu adanena ekha zimenezo pa cruse 5….Joab Frank chakhanza ndimboniso nde lero afuna atipusitse poti iyeyo adaphunzira amatero……anenere mwina koma tanthauzo lokhali takana

  11. Comedy aside,the guy is brainy,he talks sense.Keep it up Dr Usi.Amene akuona ngati you are doing drama they are shallow minded people. Malawi needs people like you,the Chilimas and other young Malawians who think using there brains and differentiate what is black from white.There and then Malawi will change for the better, otherwise tizingolira.Bravo Dr Usi.

  12. If we had companies that would export their products so that we could earn forex I would understand this thing of donor dependency but the abuse of these fund by government is what makes the country remain poor. Officials re using this money for personal gains. Secondly, government priorities re being misplaced. Remember FIFO system mst be effected

  13. Akulu onama awa! ananama musewero linalakeso ati ku#Simba amayimba nyimbo yokuti,#Wandikanda ndi #mano!,#Wandiluma ndi #Chala! Aaaa!!kkkkkkkk Zonama zosezi kusimba kulibe nyimbo imeneyi. inu simunavinidwe musanamizike ndi nyimbo imeneyi!kkkkkkk.

  14. Kuyendetsa dziko ndi serious business.Zimadana ndi drama izi.Anzao ndi amayenda ali mu pant yekhayekha dzuwa likuswa mtengo.My special advice to Mr Usi, its now too late to start a new political party and win the 2019 elections.Just join an already established party which has similar policies with that of yours.Join the winning team!

    1. Manganya ukuganiza mmene ndimaganizira ine. Usanamizidwe ndi anthu amene akuyankhula motsutsana nawe. Akungofuna kukupomboneza. Usalumikizane ndi ndale zakale. Satenga chigamba chatsopano ndikuphatika pamalaya akale. Ndikanakonda ukanasiya osayambitsa chipani kumene but to unite all Malawians. Ngati Ma Mp a independent amakhalako akhoza kukhalakonso president wa independent. Ngati tifunadi kutukula Malawi tisamuyang’ne muzipani kapena zigawo koma dziko lonse.

      Anthu akufuna kwabwoino alowetsa ndslama zambiri mudziko lino zimene zikanatha kusintha dziko lino zikanagwiritsidwa ntchito ngati capital but instead zimangodibwa ndipo zikupitirira kudibwa chifukwa chifukwa timadalira kupstsidwa. poti amadalitsidwa ndi opereka osati olandira tidzakhala odalitsa ena mpaka kalekale kufikira nafenso titayamba kukhala snthu akufuna kwabwino.
      God bless you Manganya!

  15. MUKATHETSE DONOR DEPENDANCE LEROOO???? Misatinamepo apaaaa Malawi wakhara akulandira chithandizo since 19 0000000000000….. Kufuna kutiphetsaaaa chani

    1. The problem is here is not donors, we have to blame ourselves, corruption is too much in on Malawi.Blaming the donors is unthinkable

    2. this donor depency syndrom is killing Africa. If we depend on donor aid to run our country so what is the reson of getting Political independence when we are economically colonised? these donors rule us through their donor aid. WAKE UP AFRICA, WAKE UP MALAWI.

    3. These people colonized Africa & they steal more worth from us many years ago.You should not feel shame when they come with their donations, it’s pay back.The main challenge is corruption because when money is given to us we steal it instead of developing our country.

  16. I lyk Michael Utsi,true son fo Malawi, hope for Malawi.,,from poor family background who knows how Malawi Suffers from typical Utsi i support your philosophy.

  17. I lyk Michael Utsi,true son fo Malawi, hope for Malawi.,,from poor family background who knows how Malawi Suffers from typical Utsi i support your philosophy.

  18. Komatu mmene ndamvera ine sakuneka kuti akudana ndimati donors koma kuti anthu aphunzire kupeza ndalama mu njira yachilungamo kuti akamadya asamakhale ndi milandu pambuyo pake.

    1. Kunena zoona philosophy ya Usi ilibwino kwambiri kungoti anthu tinazolowera omweomwewo kuti ndie ali oyenera kulankhu za dziko lathu. Koma honesty speaking munthu uyu ali ndi nzeru

    2. Ena samvetsa sakukomenta based on what manganya said ,I listened to the interview sadati ma donors alibe ntchito Koma aliyense adzidzidalira osangodikira kulandira

    3. Ambiri akumuona Usi ngati MANGANYA yes in this issue this is real MICHAEL USI and this philosophy is so much meaningful to Malawians amene timafuna zinthu zitasintha

  19. Mmmm koma izidalila ma donor southafrica yolemela ili ndi ma source of income pamene Malawi ikudalila Fodya azazitenga kuti ndalama zoyendetsera DZIKO?

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