Journalists trained on human rights reporting


Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) last week trained journalists on human rights reporting.

During the one day media workshop that was held in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, MHRC said human rights issues are dynamic and widespread in the country hence media should be equipped on how to report such issues.

Journalists drilled on human rights.

Speaking during the workshop, MHRC Director of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Harry Migochi said there are lapses like corruption and human rights abuses hence the need for journalists to be equipped with skills on how to uncover such critical issues.

According to Mitochi, journalists must have investigative skills to tackle issues concerning violation of human rights.

“MHRC wants journalists to have clear understanding of commission’s acts and laws so that they should be able to relate with what is happening across the country.

“We recognise the impact that media hold in various societies, that is why we have collaborated with almost all media institutions to address the most-talked cases of corruption, exploitation, abuse of power, and insecurity of vulnerable persons,” Migochi said.

Another official from MHRC Peter Mota shed more light on Access to Information.

Mota said the act will help journalists to access information from public offices.

In an interview, Brian Longwe, a journalist who attended the workshop, hailed MHRC for the training.

According to Longwe, human rights issues are critical and have some scenarios where there is need for clarification.

“The meeting was vital in the way that we have been drilled since human rights issues are complex.

“Journalists in the country come across various scenarios whereby people’s human rights are violated and today Malawi Human Rights Commission has shed more light on how we can tackle issues,” he told Malawi24.

As a way of strengthening relationship between the commission and media, a taskforce will be instituted that will comprise journalists from various media house.