Farmers told to buy armyworm pesticides


Agriculture authorities in Dowa have asked farmers in the district to buy pesticides to deal with armyworms since government cannot provide all farmers with the chemicals.

Dowa District Agricultural Development Officer (DADO) Mabvuto Mdulamizu said government has given his office some chemicals but they are not enough to cater for every farmer hence the need for the farmers to buy their own pesticides.

Army worms still a problem in Malawi. (Google image).

“It is the duty of every farmer to buy the chemicals other than waiting for government to provide to them freely,” he said.

Mdulamizu said even though the method of application is time consuming and demanding, there’s need for farmers to buy the chemicals and apply in their maize gardens.

According to Mdulamizu, farmers can buy the chemicals such as cypermethyline at Farmers World, Kulima Gold and ETG.

The DADO added that most of the Extension Planning Area (EPAs) of the district have been affected by the pest.

The presence of armyworms was first noticed in Malawi last year and up to date no permanent solution has been found forcing farmers to use their own natural methods.



  1. Ndiye ngati Boma silikwanitsa kugula mankhwala ophera ntchembere zandonda kuti ligawire achikumbe. I wish ndi bwino kutifotokozeranso kuti tisiye kukhoma misonkho bcoz we don’t c a reason to do that to the government. After all we tax payer we are not benefitting on what we contribute to the government. Even tipite kuchipatala mankhwala kulibe. Wherelse will we cerebrate the tax we contribute as Citizens?

    1. Eya kulibe misewu. Inu kwanuko ngati iliko muli bwino. Don’t ask without evidence. Go to Nambuma Healthy Centre just now and findout if there is malaria drugs.

    2. You are on the Lomwe Belt. Critics from most of you are of baseless facts. Zoti anthu akufa muzipitalamu chifukwa choti kulibe mankhwala oyenera, iwe sukudziwa or umakhala ku England not MalawI? Kwathu misewu kulibe more over the issue am commenting is associated with food and medication NOT infractures. Ndinu odala kwanuko ngati anakumangilani misewu. NEPOTISM

    3. Oppose where there is need to oppose ma issues ngati mankhwala no government was 100% on that nthawi zonse and sizizakhala zokwanira never .
      ….koma ngati kwanuko kulibe sewu I think imafuna ufike pa nyumba pako which is not the case

    4. Boma lathu likukweza malipilo ama ministers with 100% increase
      While teachers fight for 10%

      Ku Malawi kuno mziko mwalimodzi tikumalipila mtsonkho more than 16% to compare to other countries
      MRA collect more than k100 per month.
      But when it comes to equality education
      Healthy care food security
      Electricity the government says we don’t have money.
      Our towns are dark in the nyt
      Our street lumps switched off in 1994 after kamuzu left the office but till now hasn’t be repaired.
      What does our councillors doing??
      We elect councillors who don’t even no there jobs.
      Our mps and councillors dontveven know there jobs

  2. Thats a way to go, we cant expect the govt to be providing everything after all njala ikatipweteka boma silimva nawo kuwawa. Nothing abnormal detected

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