Dausi’s son arrested at Bushiri’s church


Minister of Communications Nicholas Dausi’s 23-year-old son was arrested at an Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church in Lilongwe where he caused a scene.

The man, Nicholas Dausi Jnr, was arrested on Friday after he was suspected of wanting to attack a member of ECG at the church which is owned by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

According to a post circulating on social media, Dausi Jnr and his friends, using a ministry of information vehicle, followed a woman to the church where they caused a scene before being apprehended by church members who were attending a night of prayer service.

Nicholas Dausi Jr

Nicholas Dausi’s son arrested.

The post purportedly written by a church member claimed that the men had a gun.

Providing his version of events on social media, Dausi Jnr said he was going to a club together with his friends and the ECG church member was in front of them.

She then suddenly stopped her car and to avoid hitting her, Dausi Jnr swerved his car off the road.

The group thought she would apologise but the woman didn’t and she left the scene. So they started following her in order to confront her.

When they reached the ECG church, the men noticed that the driver of the car they were following was a woman and they decided to go back.

But a guard at the church pepper sprayed Dausi Jnr after suspecting the men of being criminals. Other church members then attacked the men and apprehended Dausi Jnr.

He was later taken to police where he was released on bail.



  1. just take him to me and i will cut his head with my hands then eat him together with my dogs bcoz i dislike dis fucking behaviour.

  2. The question is why was he using a Government vehicle? He was on a clubbing mission and this guy was driving a government vehicle? That matter needs to be pursued!

  3. a Phillip B, a Hope C! mwaonatu! tikamakuuzani kuti mamafia amene adaononga mother MCP! ali ku DPP .Mulungu mwamuonapo apa?Ngati simukumuona simudzamuonanso ndi watsala ndi mzimu woyera kukuchokerani. a Dausi ali ndiulura Mulungu wangoti usanamize anthu anga iwe INE NDINE YEHOVA!

  4. A a a a a ha ha ha is zawonetselato kuti major 1 a.k.a Bushiri ndi wofowokadi ndithu sadathe kulosela bwanji komanso wadalira a police instead of asking Jesus to the job for kkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. nobody is above the law,,jus because he is Dausi’s spoilt son,he willwalk free..God will surely punish Dphwiphwi,Dausi and the one granting bail to this monster..i rest my case

    • Gud quastion @Kondwan maxwell Haraba) I even wonder about dat alwayz,is dis all about God or wat? I realy need answr for dat question aswel, what’s those Bodyguard for?

  6. He was using a gov’t car as if he’s a civil servant, having a gun,, chasing a church-goer for no apparent reasons and causing havoc in church, with all these mischievous acts eventually our police will set him free and declare him innocent! One like me would mean rotting in jail with hard labor! God is watching!

    • Wassie Yussuf Amachi Deedat Saidi Tyson Ayatu Crementina Jacob Sadiq Z. Kha Iburahm Abudallah Daudi Saidi Dorricah Issah Allie C. Wyson Davie Naitha Witness James Ngwiro Khimie Kumbu Hafez Daud Takondwa Tk Kachingwe Muhammad Z. Maulidi Abdul Chitenje Zithawanga Mithi Tiyecxy Amjiba ZA Ntchito Tom Frank Halima Hali Sumani Ellena Moyo Yamikani Mumba Luqmân Ngachie Kelvin Mayeso Amin Kazimile Banda Jomo Jomo Chitsulo Yunusu Swalleh Alick Mponda Igwe Pno Kapito Abdul-Razack Masanga Kim Mackson Haddy Kusweje Halima Allie Tikos Marishu Ishmael Tom Frank Shaib S. Akim Amabe Jhemsab Hem’boy Banda Muhammadi Wa Saizi Sheilah Casandrah Mkandawire Ramadhan Kajawo Wa Kuunika Abhas Omar Saeed Kays Kay Amin Chizo West Sumaiya Khatun Maulana Bonomali Sikathonya

  7. Hahaha….you could have just remove the demon which is in him through prayers instead of arresting him, why not live the holy spirit deal with him spiritually instead of fight against him physically!

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