Mutharika hails Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

President Peter Mutharika has joined different world leader and captains of the industry in congratulating Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for launching his fiver star hotel in South Africa on Tuesday night.

The president has further asked Prophet Bushiri, who is the president of Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) to also consider investing more in his home country, Malawi.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri hailed

President Mutharika spoke through one of his senior advisors Mavuto Bamusi.

Bamusi underlined that time has come for Malawi to start mobilising it’s own people for a common good of lifting the country’s economy.

“Prophet Bushiri has demonstrated the capacity of being a great investor and it is the wish of every Malawian to see him also investing in his home country,” he said.

In his response, Prophet Bushiri told the media that he is already making a number of investments in Malawi mostly in real estate.

He adds that soon Malawians will know his investments steps in the country as he begins to launch some of them.

He further hailed President Mutharika for the sending the gracious and added that he prays for him always so that God continue to give him wisdom to take Malawi forward.

He asked Malawians to join hands in the development of the country.



  1. Koma reporting yake so with Morden technology kulephera kupeza pic ya hotel you. Bushiri is a shrewd business man a trick star. Not satanist not a prophet

  2. Mzomvesa chisoni kuti Dziko lathi layamba kuzindikira kuti Bushiri ngofunikira. Look now akupanga ma business kunja chifukwa chakuti anthu akuno ndi a jealous. Sorry my country

  3. When zodiak interviewed him some time back he said he can’t put his developments in Malawi bcoz half of the people hate him hence they would throw stones to his buildings. Very unfortunate. Long live Dr Bushiri.

  4. Ineso ndiwochimwa-ndilibe nthawi yomunenela bushili kut ndi wakumazi buh who knows zonse?…ndi mulungu.
    Tonse tizaweluzidwa nde iwe pasipano ulangike kumwambaso mmm ganizaponi bwino.
    Buh big up bushili mwachonchobe mukut ikabe pa map

  5. My massage to major prophet #bushili is that do what you know best…if they talk talk you work work…am proud of you major!

  6. Ndiye mwati ndalama za chakhumi bwanji tizimgopeleka zaku Munda zwezija ankapeleka nthawi yakale kwa Alevi ? Ngati sipakhala mathawidwer

  7. Lol onedy he will run away bck to Malawi and we take away his 5 star hotel lets prey that his magics last for ever ne

  8. But why giving money to SA government to depot all Malawians so that when they reach home they should vote for him as President? His money is not someones money , his idea is different with others

    1. you believe. In that kind of nonses …people are deported becz they don’t have papers and this started long time ago before bushiri came to RSA…

      1. You are right. He is the great man of God. World president spiritually promoted by God himself.

    2. Yeah deportation started long ago before bushiri become a prophet but this around is different its seculating on social media on WhatsApp

  9. Imagine he built the hotel in Malawi, it would bring tourists from world wide to benefit our country. Shame!

  10. Hahaha apange zake komwe aliko ife kuno lomwe limapanga zinthu ndi Boma big up Mr President,inu mu nthawi ya MCP munawona Munthu samba like stupit evil like Bushiri akumanga zinthu? Shame to you all and you must know that Government is Government

    1. Koma akulu inu mwanva chizunguchi? …kapena palibe chomwe mwatolapo??..ngat sunanve ndibwno kukhala chete sikupusa

    2. You are stupid that’s why you fail even to articulate what you want to say. Shame on you. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a man of God.

  11. That’s good gesture Mr president , the development of the country needs people to work hand in hand and also allow investors to invest in this landlocked country.

  12. Maybe! If Bushiri receives 100% of critics, at least 69% is from Malawi.
    Is that environment safe for him?

    1. Long Live prophet shepherd Bushiri, Major 1 my Papa. Whatever wicked people say about you will never ever change what God invested in you. I am happy many Malawians have come to confess that you are a TRUE Prophet of God, a gift to our generation. CHIMENE MULUNGU WACHIYAMBA AMACHIMALIZA. BIG UP DR. PROPHET SHEPHERD BUSHIRI, MAJOR 1

  13. Jealous siumuna, thanks Mr President Bushiri ndi m’Malawi mzathu let’s support him even only your congratulation words is enough.

  14. mumamunyoza dzana uja lero mwadzindikira ubwino wake…just because he is now showing a postive altitude towards DPP..?

  15. Jealous down. The guy is an entrepreneur. Thanks Sir for congratulating him. He deserves a part in the back

    1. That’s the way to go! Thanks Mr President for what you did, recognizing one your great sons of the land

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