‘Celebrities should dress as they like’


Malawians are expected to show massive support to their entertainers but celebrities in Malawi are sometimes ridiculed.

Musicians who make efforts to have an international appeal end up being subjected to criticism. This is based on their style, dressing, hairdos and way of conduct.

Ritaa: celebrities should be left to express their art .

Tay Grin, Zani Challe, and Ritaa are some of the notable victims of the public’s ill talk.

Tay Grin is now and again criticized for his hair styles while Ritaa and Zani Challe face the public’s venom for what the critics say is indecent dressing.

However their critics praise foreigners for the same styles.

This behaviour raises questions as to whether the critics are jealous of the artists or they are bound by cultural values.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Monday, musician Ritaa said celebrities should conduct themselves as they please.

“Personally I think celebrities should be left to express their art however they want. I think Malawians have to start embracing the fact that times are changing, and so will the arts industry,” she said.

The musician added that it is counter-productive for local celebrities to stay stuck in the past but they have to move with time by embracing fashion trends.

“Malawians want their celebrities to stay stuck in the past, but applause foreign celebrities when they dress or act according to the current trends.

“I think this will only slow the growth of the music industry, or the arts industry in general,” she said.



  1. Celebrity whom u ever u are,preserve our Nyasa diginity.No dressing so stupid disgracing our Natural diginity

  2. Malawi is for prostitutes! Married women do not enjoy. Let these so called celebrities dress any way that they want. Even if they go about naked, Malawians will still entertain that. I know where Malawi is heading to now. A land who punishes married women who love their husbands.

  3. DO WE HAVE CELEBRITIES IN MALAWI?kodi Celeb amakhala osauka?there is a difference btwn being FAMOUS and being a CELEBRITY…WHAT WE HAVE ARE FAMOUS PPLE,not CELEBRITIES..

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