Malawi movie industry rewards those with a name – Joyce Chavula

Joyce Chavula Mhango

Local award winning actress Joyce Chavula Mhango has said the home movie industry favours those who have made a name in the art.

It is believed that most aspiring actors and actresses fail to join the creative industry in Malawi due to its unrewarding nature. According to many, the local cinema does not reward financially.

Joyce Chavula Mhango
Mhango: Acting is a talent

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24 on Saturday, Chavula underlined that one has to make a name first to enjoy the financial rewards.

“This is an industry that pays very well when you have made a name /brand but to achieve that it takes hard work and patience,” she said

Chavula was however too quick to point out that acting is a talent which one should embrace out of passion.

According to the Lilongwe director, passion should take precedence in one’s theatre endeavours especially on the local scene where the movie industry is facing financial challenges.

“Joining the film industry is a choice one has to make based on passion for the craft and allow oneself to grow and later reap the fruits,” she added

Malawi has very few professional actors and actresses. Most of renowned figures in the field, do other jobs since the industry has proved to be too weak to pay their bills.

Chavula is among the faces of the Malawi movie industry who are reaping from their sweat. She started humbly, hence her advice about patience on the part of up-and-coming artists in cinema.

In 2016, she won an African Magic Viewer’s Choice Award (AMVCA), with her movie titled Lilongwe as best Southern African film. Her input also gave life to another creative film called Nyasaland.



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