Livingstonia Synod faces fight over Viphya

Rev. John gondwe

The announcement by the Livingstonia Synod of the CCAP Church that they have finalized the acquisition of Viphya Private School premises has renewed disputes concerning the school.

Moderator of Livingstonia Synod, Reverend John Gondwe, made an announcement early last week that the Viphya Private School premises in Mzuzu will be housing the third campus of the University of Livingstonia (UNILIA) which was established by the synod.

Rev. John gondwe
Reverend John Gondwe

However, former employees of Viphya Private School are against the purchase arguing that the school still owes them money.

Former head teacher of the defunct school Kondwani Phiri said the school ownership can only be changed if all the outstanding salary arrears of the employees are paid.

“How can a school be sold just like that as if it is drug smuggling,” Phiri said.

According to Phiri, Viphya Private School had more than 50 teachers who are demanding a total of K70 million in salary arrears.

Livingstonia Synod sent a team of workers to the newly acquired school for preliminary work in readiness for opening of its Mzuzu campus but they were chased away by the irate former school employees.

The school was built by Beit Trust who handed it over to the locals to be run by a board of trustees led by former Mzuzu city Member of Parliament Rodger Nkhwazi and Barney Kamvazina.

The Livingstonia Synod through UNILIA bought the school at K400 million. It plans to open a campus at the place in April.

UNILIA has two other campuses at Khondowe in Rumphi and Ekwendeni in Mzimba.



  1. Koma livingstonia mmapempheradi mulungu wakumwa nanga bwanji simutenga chitsanzo cha nkhoma ndi blantyre synod

  2. Livingstonia Synod ndikuona ngati za mpingozi simbali yanu.. bwanji mutayetsako Boxing(Livingstonia Synod of Boxing..) coz chiyambireni ndimangomva za mikangano than zopemphela..!

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