Bloodsucking saga rages on: BBC and Malawian journalists attacked


People of Mwasota Malema village in the area of Paramount Chief Kyungu in Karonga district on Friday attacked four journalists after accusing them of being bloodsuckers.

The car which the journalists were using

Karonga Police deputy spokesperson George Mulewa identified the victims as Dariud Gregory Barzagan, 47, a journalist from London in Britain working for BBC and two Ghanaian journalists: Ahmed Hussein Divela,37, and Prince Anus Asamoah, 39.

They were accompanied by a well-known Malawian Capital Radio journalist Henry Mhango, 31, who comes from Maxwell village T/A Mwirang’ombe in Karonga district.

The four entered the village around 7:30 pm  and started capturing videos to use in what they call Documentary on Traditional Magic and Violence Associated with it.

According to Mulewa, since the villagers had no knowledge of their arrival, they started questioning them on suspicion that they were bloodsuckers.

During the fracas, stones were being thrown all over which made one of the vehicles they used registration number BU 3126 to be damaged and some equipment got stolen.

“After discovering that the four were not criminals, community policing members joined Karonga Police officers in rescuing the victims who sustained minor injuries and were taken to Karonga District Hospital for medical attention,” Mulewa told Malawi24.

Most of the stolen equipment have been recovered but no suspects has been arrested so far.

Police in the district have since advised people in all communities to report any suspicious activities to police rather than taking the law into their hands.

Meanwhile, the Nyika Media Club has condemned the attack saying issues of bloodsucking have always been a myth.




  1. True indeed. When we visit villages we mst inform the authorities about our visit and the purpose thereof. It was wrong jst to come and start shooting videos. Uku ndi kudelera amfumu. Atleast they ve learnt a lesson

  2. The stoning just spiced up their documentary! Cant wait for a documentary shot in the north…when the myth was in the south n central

  3. Mwawapatsa nkhani a BBC wa. Ndiye ndi mfumu yao yotukwana ija, atawaphunzitse anthu ammudzimo umunthu nde kaya akhale ndani?

  4. What I see here is that these people never communicated to the village heads of their presence, they just started shooting videos, taking pictures.

    They were taken as criminals and not bloodsuckers. They need to follow all protocols when operating in a village in Malawi.

  5. Masiku ano mulendo aliyense akalowa mudzi aziyamba kufika kwamfumu akachokapo apite kwa wachipani osamagowa ngati ukulowa kuchipinda chanu kupusa ai dzikoli lalowa chipompha magazi ndi bushiri nso alindi anthu amene akupanga ngati zimenezi akwapasa ndalama ndiye mwachitha bwini zedi

  6. Very unfortunate; it shouldn’t have been the north, a region touted for a larger percentage of educated people. Its my prayer this will die down sooner than later.

  7. Paja Ife Anthu Aku Mulanje Mene Timanena Za Anamapopa Mumkati Ndife Mbuli, Ndiye Kut Kumpotokoso Ku Mbuli?

  8. Paja Ife Anthu Aku Mulanje Mene Timanena Za Anamapopa Mumkati Ndife Mbuli, Ndiye Kut Kumpotokoso Ku Mbuli?

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