Skeffa Chimoto rubbishes anti-government stunts

Dan Lu-

Musician Skeffa Chimoto has challenged authenticity of a picture showing him and two other top musicians carrying a Malawian flag bearing anti-Peter Mutharika message.

The picture which is in circulation on social media shows Chimoto, Lulu and Dan Lu holding a Malawian flag in the name of pride for the nation.

What raises eyebrows is the inscription on the flag which reads “APM must resign.”

Dan Lu-
Chimoto(R): Please ignore this picture.

The picture went viral yesterday, barely a day after South African president Jacob Zuma’s resignation.

The Chikondi Chabodza hit maker has been quick to play a public relations role on the matter.

In a Facebook statement released yesterday, Chimoto cleared his name and those of other concerned parties, Lulu and Dan Lu.

“I would like to inform the general public and all my beloved followers that the picture which has gone viral on social media showing Lulu, Dan Lu and myself holding the Malawi flag is altered by writing defamatory words against the country’s leadership,” reads the text’s first part.

According to the Lilongwe based singer, the picture was taken in 2016 in the United Kingdom when they went for a music performance.

“Please ignore this picture and I forgive whosoever did it for the reasons best known to him or herself.”

He also advised people to focus on important things that can lead to development of Malawi, rather than wrecking other people’s images in the name of politics.

In one of his songs titled Malawi, Skeffa Chimoto calls for unity among the citizenry despite owing allegiance to different political parties and football teams.



  1. koma message ndiyomweyo, mukunama ngati???? adzipitadi gwapeyi palibe chanzeru chomwe iyeyu wapanga!!!!!!!!!

    1. jst press malawi24 then scroll down will c a word of info then press it again thereafter press the word leave group that is how u can get exit from this group


    1. Aise ndizoonadi ndikumbukirapo pang’ono koma sanalembe mauwa ai olo monga Dun Lu waibwelezaso lero kuipanga post ndiosalemba chabe angofuna kuipisilana mbiri yachabe.

  3. Some people talk of peace in malawi,is t true tht we hv peace here?if so,why do pple kill each other?why there z monotony of resources?why pple tanish other pple’s images?is tht peace?we hv 2 change our mindset

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous aMalawi Kudzolowera kulozana zala basi plz wrk up and start thinking positive,hey dnt piss me off

  5. ndife amodzi nonse Amalawi pliz why should we not enjoy the peace we have? inasmuch as we try to be more political, lets try not 2 be hiding puting innocent pipo in front, be proud and responsible of your own actions if u cant do that then just keep quit than tarnishing someone’s reputation, like Skeffa

  6. ndiakape awa atha ma plan akufunano aziyeselerano kod resign atolora inuyo mungakwanitse kulamula ziko chifunainu ndichani kwenikwen mukulephela kubatu kapena kapewina mukumufuna kut azilamulayo ndi ndani kod musiyeni peter ndiposo olo sizingathek mukuganizazo makapeinu sankhani abambo anu mwina azilamula

  7. This is inhuman guys, ngat enanu mmasowa chochita pls msaipitse mbiri ya anzanu. I have seen the real picture and palibepo mawu amenewa.
    God should punish the one who has done this

    1. Kodi iwe ndi amene unawasankhira a President a dziko lino kuti aChilima akhale Vice? Are u confused or u trying to confuse your girlfriend? Kuli konse kuchitike kanthu uthenga wako ndiwokuti aMalawi atengele basi? Anthu akaganizidwe ngati inu simukufunika pakati pathu..!

    2. Speak with limitations do not just vomit anything as if there is no tomorrow or as if I use your phone or your whatever. We speak what is there and we are not going backward but forward until you vomit with your coward leader and your DPP. How can I baffle my girlfriend with this story? Idiot! !!!!!!!!!! With your malafide comment. Do not exhaust me please.

    3. Banda no way APM wanna not make it again next year. If he will make it I can asure you and challenging you that I wanna vacate Malawi to Mozambique just to show my angrier. His days are numbered if you don’t know. We don’t need this incompetent leader anymore.

    4. U think I am blind that I can’t see and know what is happening or what I ‘m talking about. No way Mr man I ‘m seeing properly and know that APM wanna be out next year (take it or leave it).

  8. Guys enaife we r using free data can some one post de whole story nafe tiwerenge nawo plz plz plz guyz dnt insult

  9. This is inhuman to someone who have done this .
    Its an intimidation to someone who have a good reputation to his /her country leadership .
    Skeffa is not a politician ,or if he is am not sure he certain to came on public to critisize .
    He once release a song called Malawi ,which urges Malawian to unite together ,let’s not not fight each whether you are ngoni ,yao ,mlomwe,tumbukans we are all Malawians

    1. Everyone is politican because millions of Malawi they go to vote then you, you are politican coz you comming on political event

    2. And you have long idea because their is no fight, unit it don’t matter tribes or political or countries or football teams or regions

    3. Mr tendai if you think all of us we are politician your conclusion is wrong ,some of us we never vote either not because of religion but just to choose .
      We support every government once we are Malawians we have no choice .
      If it is the cause do you ever ask skeffa which political party he voted for ?
      Malawians let’s not intimidate others think of you first .
      All politicians are evil people ,don’t you think skeffa chimoto can loose life just cos of someone intimidation .
      Tech is every where people use it for difference purpose

  10. so who r those people ,may b am mistaken with some one plz tel me is skeffa there ? if yes den guilty as charged .

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