Student Loans Board spent K17 million on printing forms while students are told ‘no money’

Chanco students

Trouble is brewing at the Higher Education Students Loans and Grants Board over revelations that the Board paid K17 million for the printing of forms and diaries.

According to reports, Executive Director for the Board Chris Chisoni authorised payment for K17 million to EE and A enterprise. The payment being made for loan forms and diaries.

Chris Chisoni

The irony is that the loan forms are not distributed to applicants but are downloadable on the Loans Board website.

The payment comes at a time that needy students are being kicked out of the university for failing to access the loan which has been marred with various flaws.

Other reports have suggested that EE and A Investments which got the K17 million is a company that is owned by Chris Chisoni’s wife. Malawi24 is yet to independently verify that.




  1. The needed students are striving without any upkeep while u call urself student loan board …what creteria do you use?… Those sons of big shorts u pay for them the whole amount but atypical villager not even half of it pls know God is disciples when u handle your issues

    1. Kkkk bra 17mita its not ajoke jst to print forms hahaha where is Mw going every day in the morning you expect to hear that some one has squanderd,embezzle our Taxes.

    2. Hahaha everyday we expect to hear that someone or certain organization has peculate govy funds hahaha shame

  2. Malawi sazatheka….vuto ndimakhoti ndi ACB akusekelera kwambiri nkhani za corruption…just start giving life sentences for corruption cases

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