Zuma refuses to resign

Jacob Zuma

South African President Jacob Zuma has refused to step down, insisting that he has done nothing wrong.

The under fire leader was recalled by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) which is now planning to support a vote of no confidence against him.

Jacob Zuma
Zuma: Defiant

Zuma is being accused of corruption and working with the wealthy Gupta family who wield enormous political influence.

The 75-year-old however remains defiant. He told South Africa’s public broadcaster on Wednesday that the party has not stated reasons why he should resign.

“It was very unfair to me that this issue is raised. Nobody has ever provided the reasons. Nobody is saying what I have done,” he said.

He stressed that he was not defying the ANC but he disagreed with its decision to ask him to resign.

Zuma added that had offered to step down after June but noted the issue is not currently being handled well.

The ANC’s National Executive Committee recalled Zuma on Tuesday and gave him until the end of today to resign.

Cyril Ramaphosa who was elected ANC president in December is expected to replace Zuma.




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