Kasambara to know bail fate on March 14


Convict Ralph Kasambara will know the fate of his bail application on March 14.

On that day, Supreme Court judge Dunstan Mwaungulu will deliver his ruling on the former Justice Minister’s bail application.

Ralph Kasambara

Kasambara is serving a 13-year jail term for conspiracy to murder former budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Fellow convicts Pika Manondo and McDonald Kumwembe were sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted murder and 11 years for conspiracy to murder Mphwiyo.

The three are appealing against their conviction and they applied for bail.

High Court Registrar Agnes Patemba confirmed that Judge Mwaungulu will make the ruling on the bail pending application on March 14 2018.

During their submissions on the bail application last year, defence lawyers said the High Court made grave errors that cannot be left uncorrected hence the appeal is likely to be successful.
They also argued that the convicts will abide by all bail conditions if it is granted.

But Director of Public Prosecutions Mary Kachale argued that the behaviour of the three was not exemplary during trial and said the court should take into account the serious nature of their offences.



  1. Makhalidwe onyatsa ndi nkhope yomwe kkkkkk shame on u Kasambala, mutuluke m’khalidwe onyatsa mwina ungapite patsogolo

  2. The likes of kamlepo who claim to have evidence over particular issues but not ready to use it, shame!

  3. Can somebody school me please, is it possible for somebody who has already been convicted by the court of law to be granted a bail after saving his sentence for some few years in prison?

    1. It is possible since he appealed against his conviction and the appeal has not yet been heard, the conviction may either be upheld or quashed depending on the facts presented

    2. Kaya tatiuzeni bwino bwino kuti zimakhala bwanji ngati akugamura 6 years prisoment waseva 2 years ungatuluke pa bail ????

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