African music legend releases 67th album

Oliver Mtukudzi

A legendary African music figure has increased his album tally to 67, which is more than the number of years he has lived on earth.

Zimbabwe’s Dr Oliver Mtukudzi is the man. The 65 year old Afro Jazz maestro let out the album titled Hany’ga (concern) earlier this week.

The collection encompasses ten songs with positive messages. In one of the songs, Haasati aziva, he talks about child marriages.

 Oliver Mtukudzi
Mtukudzi has released his 67th album.

Mtukudzi marked the onset of his music career in 1977. Having been in the industry for close to 42 years, it has not taken the continent by surprise that the legend remains energetic.

His latest album is one of the proofs that his long marriage to the art is decorated by songs that have enlivened parties all over the world with hits like Neria, Todii and Wasakara.

Dr Mtukudzi is recognised in Africa for his contributions in the art industry, hence he is considered the symbol of Zimbabwe’s culture.

The veteran sells his products in almost all Southern African countries. In Malawi he is likened to Wambali Mkandawire who has also managed to represent his country at a major platform.

The two legends are considered two sides of the same coin because people enjoy their music despite the language barrier. Mtukudzi sings in his mother tongue Shona while Wambali sings in Tumbuka which is not Malawi’s dominant language.