Market operating without water, toilets


As health authorities are encouraging sanitation to avoid Cholera during current rainy season, Gologota market in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe is operating without toilets and potable water.

During a visit to the market, Malawi24 established that the situation is posing challenges to market users.

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Gologota market operating without toilets.(File)

In an interview with Malawi24, the chairman of the market Nassoni Lumula said lack of water and toilets is causing challenges among market users since such things are necessary for every market.

According to Lumula, the toilet that was at the place got damaged way back and the issue was reported to Lilongwe City Council (LCC).

“LCC promised that the other toilet will be constructed soon but on water people walk a distance to fetch water whenever needed.

“To lessen the toilet challenge, we (market users) are planning to construct a temporary toilet that will cost MK140, 000 while waiting for the good one from Lilongwe City Council,” Lumula told Malawi24.

He said the water challenges are serious since some people at the market sell fruits and vegetables that need water regularly.

“The toilet and water issues are disturbing trade at the market. People are forced to leave commodities to answer call of nature and whenever they want to source water,” Lumula told Malawi24.

Last year LCC Public Relations Officer Tamara Chafunya told Malawi24 that the toilet issue would be resolved at the market before the official launch of a new shed to house traders.

Chafunya said the construction of the market is almost done but the handover ceremony is yet to be held due to sanitation concerns.

Business people at the place are refusing to use the newly built shed and Lumula said the people have their own reasons since LCC okayed them to start using the structure.


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  1. Why Malawi are not following south african ways of providing good sanitations in public places like ;shopping centre; public markets; filling stations; and public bus deports ;when you visit to south africa you cant see people going yo bushes to get help. For example in lilongwe bus deport the’re is a very bad sanitation.

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