DPP to order Govt institutions to stop doing business with Times


Malawi24 has been reliably informed that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is set to take action against Times Media.

A source has told Malawi24 that the decision has come after flag publication of the Media company, Daily Times, carried a partisan contrast of MCP and DPP youths on its front page of 7th February.

Times Media in trouble

A highly placed source within the top hierarchy of the party said that as a way of taking action against the media company, the party was lobbying to have all government institutions stop doing business with Times.

“I can confirm that as at now, the proposed decision is that we instruct all government institutions, including parastatals, to stop all business with Times,” the source disclosed.

The source said that this will mean that no advertisements from government institutions will be carried in Times publications and they will all be advertised not to buy or subscribe to Times publications.

“The DPP respects media freedom but now it has been provoked, we will not keep supporting an opposition mouthpiece,” said the source.

Government is considered one of the top advertisers in Malawian media.

Last year Times media complained to Escom because they said the institution had stopped advertising with them and this was affecting their revenue.



  1. Ah kutukwana boma konse kuja a Kasakula ndi a brian mumadaliranso boma lomweli kani. Anzeru adati suluma chala chomwe chikukudyetsa. Zoonadi zake ndi zoti DDP ndiyimene yikuyendetsa boma panopa. All Government institutions are governed by DDP Leadership. this action has been long over due. Times mwaonjeza.

  2. That’s the way to go: punish the stupid MCP Daily Times. Public institutions should stop buying Daily Times forth with.

  3. Stupid Times media: you bite the finger that feeds you.

  4. Is DPP gvt or a party? A ruling party and the government are two different bodies altogether. We are in multiparty democratic era when a ruling party and gvt are separate, how can a party force gvt institutions not to do business with Times Media? This is out of boundary, DPP should know that can’t turn Times into its puppet like MBC.

  5. The truth is, DPP will not be in government forever, nanga MBC ikukhalira kutukwanai sakuonapo vuto???????

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