“Pay me back my 800,000!” Lucius Banda accused of defrauding fan

Soldier Lucius Banda

Musician Lucius Banda who rose to fame through criticism of vices among politicians especially stealing, is being accused of stealing as well.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, one Sam Smith Silumbu accuses the Balaka North Member of Parliament of failing to honour a payment amounting to K800,000.

Soldier Lucius Banda

Silumbu says he entered into a partnership with the musician after Banda had complained that people were forging tickets to enter his shows.

Silumbu claims he assisted Banda with a system that would make sure that the tickets are well secured that they cannot be forged. He claims he did it for no huge profit.

However, matters turned round when after he rendered the service to Banda, the self-acclaimed soldier of the poor defaulted on payment with almost a million Kwacha about to be paid.

Banda promised to settle the debt by the end of May, 2017 yet when the time came, he pushed the dates to June 2017.

In June, Banda also failed to meet his obligation and started playing hide and seek with Silumbu.

Silumbu claims he talked to some lawyers but it has all been in vain as none of them seemed interested to take Banda on board.

The words below are verbatim of Silumbu’s post:


I write this not to tarnish your image but to remind you that you Owe me MKW 800,000. From the look of things, it seems you think am begging you. Let me remind you abit since you have forgotten where we are coming from. You were always complaining on your platforms that people make fake tickets for your music concerts. I felt very bad with such developments knowing that you invest alot of money to organise such functions. As a biggest supporter of your Music, I decided to come up with a solution to help you deal with this problem. I spent two months jumping from one technological company to another looking for technology so that your ticketing system is secured. I spent 5.5 Million Malawi kwacha to make your system and cards. I spent 500,000 Malawi kwacha to send your goods from China to Malawi. I took you as a brother in all this deal. I did not charge you millions as profit. I added 750,000 as my labour plus running costs. Let me also remind you that we agreed payment on delivery last year in May, 2017. You came with an excuse when goods arrived in Malawi and promised to pay after Kenyatta Shows in June, 2017. After Kenyatta function, you came with another excuse that you made losses and payment will be made June end, 2017. June end you complained that you did mot have money. To make it short, You have not been honest with me.

I know you also have financial problems but your responses and feedback have been very bad. Let me also remind you that I have used all possible legal means so that we settle this matter as brothers but you end up take me as your Enemy. No Honourable, am not your Enemy, am simply asking what you owe me. I have contacted several lawyers in town but it seems you are too connected and all these lawyers arw your friends hence they can not handle this business. I have tried to talk with your business partner Wendy Harawa but it seems am squeezing her too much. I have tried to talk with your son John Banda but it seems am troubling him. It was not my wish to come here and wrie this but your altitude has caused me to do so. The last time you answered my messages was on 19th January, 2018. I contacted you on 25th Jan, 2018 but no response. I contacted you on 3rd feb, 2018 but no response. I have told you many times tha I used a commercial loan to supply you this service and have paid huge interest but you seem not bothered. I closed my business last year in July but you seem not bothered. I am not asking this money so that I buy Pizza or go to KFC, this money is going direct to those I owe them money. I have made so many enemies because of this business but I still gave you time to make payment. I know you are busy preparing for 2019 Elections now but I humbly ask you to spare time and make this payment. I dont have anything bad against you.

I have used all means to address you as a public figure but you think am too docile. I even asked you to discuss with those I owe them money so that we make it fair but you did not say anything. It is my hope that this message will find you in peace. It seems you are not seeing my messages on whatsApp hence I have decided you communicate with you using this platform.

Let me also wish you all the best as you are busy campaigning to become Malawian President in 2019. You have my Full support and You can make a very good president. Your reputation is very good beyond doubt.



  1. Guys don’t think otherwise,he is writing like this since Banda doesn’t want to pay his money.If you can pay him on behalve of L.Banda,he will keep mum.The simple way of showing honourable is by paying the one he owes

  2. Mmmmm man mwalakwisa zedi bwanji simumapita kunyumba kwache kukakamba naye musanayike nkhaniyi pa bwalo.

  3. Malawi Malawi my Malawi wandu wopenga munching bwanji kodi?Musiyeni L Banda he suffered too much to be there where he is no no no let me tell you or re mind you also when we are talking about anthu wolimba mtima,wopanda mantha ndipo wofunila dziko la Malawi mtendele Banda he is the one of them.so you guys carry on to waist your time,energy to write this long page.WAKUTUMAYO AKUPWETEKESA.

  4. Busy kuona umbava wa ena.ndalama akungothela kunyenga ana a eni ake Ku Mlambe lodge,area 47 sector 5.

  5. Ndiye akuti wadzudzula boma? Amangigwe kuti abwenze mwachangu
    Pamwezi amalandira komanso akuyimbanso mmashow koma akukanika kubweza ngongole koma a ntchito akewo amawalipira bwino bwino?

  6. Zili ngati nyimbo yawo baba “kamwini”komabe apeleka ndi big man awo….

  7. This gentleman has truly narrated the whole story in regards to their business agreement .Therefore, it would be wise and proper for the honourable mp to pay him what he owes him .This will therefore avoid tarnishing his image as far as the forthcoming general elections are greatly concerned.We fully know that you are one of the few well-known Malawian citizens who always make sure that the welfare of the poor is greatly put into a better consideration.Besides, you seem to be a God -fearing person.Therefore, just pay him so that it will be end of the story.Nobody will talk a lot surronding this knowing that you are a human being like any other person.He has clearly complained.I understand that you are even concerned as a soldier for the poor Malawians.Finally I wish you , all the best in 2019.Remember that everything is possible if you put faith in God first.Let us love and upright each other economically so as to build a better
    and prosperous nation.

  8. khani iyii mmmmmm ndakayika he spend 5.5million for materials, 500,000 thousand for transport plus MRA and 750.000 as his labour. if you add these it is 6,750,000 Total and the this boy is claiming 800,000 from Lucius as his money since lucius paid nothing on delivery of the tickets and cards mmmmmmmmm kalipo kalipo

  9. Mmmmmm Lucius ndinu munthu wankulu tangoperekani ndalamayo musazionongere dzina ,

  10. To say Lucius can make a good president is the greatest joke ever, unless you are talking about president of Zembani Band.

  11. Koma zoona kuti ma lawer onse okonda ndalama ati mbweeee mma town mu onse amadziwana ndi Lucius?

    1. If this is true then that’s too bad. But if this is the same Sam Silumba I know then its as well fake news coming from political circles. I might have worked with this guy somewhere else and he is a complete fraudster. Nthawi inayake ankapanga ma coupon uyu.

  12. Izi ndiye zabodza nkhani ya 2019 u president itinso imeneyi? Typical of Dpp cadet

  13. Zagwa pamphuno tsano,Honorable MP,ngati zili zoona izi perekani ndalamayo.
    Seems the guy has forced himself to come out to this platform to get your attention and zisakuwaweni apa.

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