Minister likens Mutharika to biblical Joseph

Joseph Mwanamvekha

Minister of Agriculture Joseph Mwanamvekha has likened President Peter Mutharika’s decision to ban maize export in favour of storing more maize to the wisdom Joseph showed in Egypt.

Making a ministerial statement on the 2017/18 agricultural season in Parliament on Monday, Mwanamvekha praised Mutharika’s foresightedness in directing that out of the bumper harvest of last year Malawi should first fill up its food reserves before exporting any surpluses.

Joseph Mwanamvekha
Mwanamveka has praised Mutharika.

He added that Mutharika endured criticisms, insults, and ridicule due to the decision as some people “decided to make cheap politics out of such a matter of serious national importance.”

“Today, the President has been vindicated. All those that doubted the depth and quality of the leadership can now agree with me that the President had a point on this matter.

“God has also been vindicated in this, as he gave us a leader who is visionary in all respects. If we accepted the proposals of the critics of government, we would have exported all the maize, and now, the challenge could have been to look for all that maize and bring it back into the country at a very high cost,” he said.

The minister added that Mutharika’s decision reminds him of the story of Joseph who advised the Pharaoh to prepare for an impending famine when Egypt was also in periods of plenty and dry spells.

“Mr. Speaker, Sir, the bible says wisdom is much better than empty noise and I shall be borrowing from this wisdom, on how as a country, we can better manage our strategic grain reserves going forward,” Mwanamvekha said.

Government banned the export of maize despite the bumper harvest last year and only lifted the ban in October.

According to Mwanamvekha, scientists in the Southern African region had indicated that some parts of Malawi would likely get below normal rains this year hence government’s insistence to preserve the grain to avoid the usual panic and logistical challenges of importing the grain.



  1. Thieves are in jail after being convicted. If you want to experience nepotism first visit civil service where nearly all good positions are held by tumbukas seconded by chewas and then visit world vision, save the children just to mention a few

  2. There is no nepotism in this country unless you are living in Egypt or Afghanistan.
    How many ministers from north and central.
    You will die complaining about nepotism when the plane has taken off.
    Let us know if you want position we will give you ….. Ku city of Blantyre cutting grass along the streets because your thinking shows you didn’t go to school

  3. Whether you like it or not ,it’s a reality.He is generous.Exporting maize would have been a disaster,hence the opposition would have taken advantage to stage their campaign.
    Bravo Peter you have shown your know warship skills More fire more power you have proved your wise leadership beyond the boundaries of politics.

  4. Why did he not tell the nation that there’ll be drought this year? This is just a Coincidence, you cannot compare APM to Joseph of the Bible….just continue your stealing from the poor

  5. Komatu josephy was not nepotistic,
    Josephy was not a thief

  6. You can’t argue with that. It really required visionary and foresighted leadership to defy all criticisms. With a different leadership, Malawi was going to perish. Congrats Mr. President.

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