Will Nyasa Guruz reclaim its spot?

Nyasa Guruz

Between the years of 2005 and 2010, Nyasa Guruz was arguably the reigning group in urban music circles with a beautiful and unique dancehall flavour.

Even though local urban music was in its babyish state, the group commanded a huge fanbase.

People were in love with their music because it was exhilarating and their work exposed great talent from the motherland.

Nyasa Guruz
Nyasa Guruz

Nyasa Guruz produced an all hit album titled Nthawi between the aforementioned years.

If your memory is fresh enough to let you re-explore Nthawi, the magic in that collection will still electrocute your soul with touching tunes. Songs like; Tumpale, Suzi and the title track Nthawi were and continue to be in their own class.

Nyasa Guruz is now back in town with a slightly different style in the wake of music evolution across the world. A song labeled Lero ndi Lako marks their return on the scene.

Will the “legends never die” theory apply to the Guruz?

Making a comeback is a daunting task as evidenced by a number of top local musicians whose efforts to resurface proved to be futile.

A very good example is Chiyanjano Muheziwa, popularly known as Annie Matumbi. He was once a musician you could run after for an autograph but now the audience fail to come to terms with his music.

Maybe the Guruz can bank their hope of reclaiming their spot in the industry on BlackJak who has been active with solo projects. The man in dreadlocks has been one of the noisy musicians which has secured him a handsome fan base.

Their latest work continues to receive positive feedback which heralds a blight light on their path. Most people are happy with the band`s return and express their hunger for more beautiful sounds from one of the pioneers of local urban music.

According to Nyasa, their return story will not end at Lero ndi Lako as they are planning to add more chapters to it. Blackjak was quoted as telling a local online publication that they plan to release an album. This, he argued is a response to their fans’ calling.

If their return is solely based on pressure from their fans, will that not have a negative bearing on the output considering that better music is produced out of interest from the artist?

Questions also remain on whether they will handle the pressure since individuals who make up the group have other professions to honour.



  1. Things do come and go, its all about time. Many were there but today are silent. Mukumudziwa redson makokez? ok mwina uyu amkaimba zalokolo kma achina younglove ndi len gain aja ali kut pano? kkkkk! kma

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