Sim card registration is for all cellphone subscribers – MACRA

SIM Card registration

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has said all mobile phone users in the country are required to register their sim cards.

On Monday, a post circulated on social media claiming that TNM Mpamba and Airtel Money users would not be required to register.

Unregistered sim cards will be barred in Malawi

But MACRA says customers using the two services should also got to offices of their mobile service providers to register their sim cards.

“We wish to advise everyone with a sim card to go and register with their respective service providers and this includes those registered on Mpamba or Airtel money.

“The post circulating on the social media purporting a different stand on the matter did not originate from MACRA.

“We appreciate the effort of those that have so far registered. Please call your service provider for more information,” says MACRA in a statement released Monday afternoon.

The Communications Act of 2016 gives MACRA the powers to enforce mandatory registration of sim cards and generic numbers.

Mobile phone users in Malawi will not be able to use unregistered SIM cards starting from April this year


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  1. I am just having concerns over the long queues at registration desks. Why can’t we have online registration at this time and age?

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