Dowa youths hailed for taking council to task


A group of concerned citizens in Dowa has hailed young people of the district for always keeping the Dowa District Council on its toes.

In 2017, the council witnessed several protests over various issues such as the delay of Dowa mini stadium’s brick wall construction project and upgrading of boma resthouse to a lodge.

Adding on that, the council’s junior workers also had their protests forcing management to consider raising salaries by a reasonable percentage to match with today’s cost of living.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Friends of Dowa Lead Advisor Boxer Mnjale Chisale commended the youth of the district for demonstrating that they are the leaders of the district by taking to task the council secretariat to explain the failed priority projects in the district.

Mnjale said the various complaints received by the secretariat is a sign that people of the district are not happy to see their taxes money being used by a few selfish individuals who are enriching themselves at the expense of the poor in the district.

“Dowa is still in abject poverty lacking the social basic amenities despite the district being a food basket district feeding the surrounding districts and outside,” he told Malawi24.

Mnjale expressed hope that the council will open a window of dialogue with all the concerned citizen groups of the district in ensuring that development is not derailed in the district.

He hailed last year’s demos as professionally organised saying they sparked fears and panic at the council secretariat though no damages and arrests were made symbolising that the Dowa people are for peace and unity.

The advisor reminded the council secretariat to go back to the drawing board in order to find lasting solutions to the grievances presented so that the council’s good image should not be destroyed.