Two Malawians among 100 inspiring African youths

Charles Lipenga

Two Malawians have been named among 100 most positively inspiring youths in 2017 by Positive Youth Africa (PYA).

The young Malawians are Charles Lipenga and Rachel Chimwemwe Sibande who have been named by the hub.

Rachel Sibande
Sibande: One of the recognised Malawians

Lipenga is a 27-year-old born and raised Malawian, graduate Architect from the University of Malawi. He is the Co-founder and Chairman of the award winning ‘2015 Best Malawian Achievers Award – Best Leadership Company while Sibande, born January 9, 1986, is a Malawian technology expert, computer scientist, STEM educator, and entrepreneur.

According to PYA which is a hub for positive and upwards striving youths, the named 100 youths were chosen from 27 countries and classified under seven domains namely media and entertainment, leadership and public service, academics and research, science and technology among others.

“Some of these youths whose ages ranged from 16 to 38 are the biggest names in Africa while some people whose names you probably don’t know but who have positive impact on their communities, ” says PYA.

According to PYA, the reason for picking 100 positively inspiring youth is to recognise their success stories and help other African youth to be thinking positively.

“When we launched the 100 Most Positively Inspiring African Youths (100 MPIAY) scheme in November, 2017, we hoped to recognize 100 African youths who have inspired many others to think, talk or act positively.

“Much to our surprise, in just the first edition, we received hundreds of nominations from 30 countries in Africa and the diaspora, an indication that Africans are rising up to emulate the youths who have inspired them to make positive change, no matter how small it may seem. We read very inspiring stories from the nominations but while we celebrated the selected 100 on their accomplishments, we were most struck by their journey of test, trial and triumph,” says PYA.

The organisations says when picking its winners, it was impressed with the way the chosen young people saw a need and took the lead to solve problems in their communities.

“We were impressed by the positivity with which they transformed stumbling blocks into stepping stones, the courage with which they dared to dream big, challenged status quo and pursued their dreams against all odds as well as their actions and words which inspired many to be the positive change they wish to see,” says the hub.


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