Workers shut down Luntha TV over unpaid salaries

Workers at Luntha Television on Friday morning shut down the station over unpaid salaries.

Kaufa: workers not happy with his leadership

The station which is a Catholic media organisation under Montfort Missionaries went off air today at 9am.

According to one of the workers who asked for anonymity, the employees have not been paid for over three months and they are unhappy with the management of Father Andrew Kaufa who is the station’s director.

The source said Father Kaufa a runs the station as a personal estate a development which angered the workers and they thought of downing their tools.

“Since he took over, Kaufa has fired all the experienced workers, who most of them had dissenting views,” said the employee who opted for anonymity.

It is also reported that the whole station has about 7 staff members including ground workers which is not feasible for a TV station.

“The employees are overburdened with work and they are not provided for with resources to record programmes hence poor programming has plummeted to low levels.”

The source added that the workers have for a long time exercised patience but today they felt enough is enough.





  1. Koma kupeempha daily iyai thandizani thandizani iiiiii inu ndiolemela kale, mukamapemoha ndalamazo zimanka kwaani ngati pali station yoziwa kupempha ndiye ndiimeneyi basi palibenso, ntchito zaima aganizileni basi

  2. Ndiye kumalawi kumeneko kuchuluka zolilalila mwezi ukatha. Komanso mchitidwe umenewu ukukulila omafuna amzawo azigwila phwitika iwo ndachita bwino

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