Media told to monitor NGOs

Grace Malera

Action Aid Malawi has told the media to monitor how Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) are using funds that are sourced to improve lives of Malawians.

The remarks were made by Action Aid Malawi Executive Director Grace Malera during a media orientation workshop in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Grace Malera

According to Malera, media has got a role in tracking how NGOs like Action Aid are spending the finances they receive on behalf of Malawians.

Malera also commended media for the strong bond with Action Aid Malawi since Malawians have known all its projects taking place in several districts in the country through different media channels.

She assured Malawians that Action Aid Malawi will continue helping the country in several areas such as food security, resilience building, nutrition and climate change.

The Action Aid boss highlighted the climate change issue as something that need to be taken seriously to mitigate its effects.

“Mostly, because of change in climate, a lot of women and young people get affected. For example, when disaster strikes or there are floods, women and young people are the ones who get mostly affected.

“So as Action Aid Malawi, as much as possible, we want to build capacity of these vulnerable groups to ensure that they get prepared before the disasters strike,” Malera said.

On fighting against HIV/AIDS, Action Aid Malawi said the fight against the deadly disease is progressing well.

According to Dalitso Kuphanga who is Theme Manager of HIV/AIDS at the organisation, projects about the disease are targeting HIV/AIDS prone areas such as fishing hubs and border areas.
On financial management, Kuphanga said both internal and external audits are indicating that fiscal discipline is maintained in all its organisations where it is implementing its projects.

“We have some few issues that we have gotten because we basically do quarterly reviews, we visit partners and check the things that they have done financially,” Kuphanga said.

The organisation is also championing the 50-50 campaign that aim at seeing more women occupying political seats such as becoming members of parliament.



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