FAM urges clubs to prioritise player welfare

Walter Nyamilandu Malawi Football

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has emphasised the need for Super League teams to prioritise the welfare of their players.

The call has come from FAM President Walter Nyamilandu.

Nyamilandu said his body has led the way by forming the Football Players Association of Malawi (FPAM) and so clubs must follow suit by having the welfare of their players at heart.

Walter Nyamilandu

“Players have a future, let’s take good care of them. Do not just use them, but let’s enrich them. We want to see them make some good savings in order to live decent lives when they hang up their boots. That’s why as FAM, we have contributed 3% of our gate takings to FPAM so that our players’ lives can be transformed so that they can inspire others, on and off the pitch,” said Nyamilandu.

FPAM was launched some weeks ago to address the sickening plight of football players in the country.

Stories have been told and proven, of local players who have turned into beggars after commanding the spotlight throughout their illustrious careers.

Of late, clubs such as Be Forward Wanderers, Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikers have set enviable standards by offering lucrative contracts to some of their players.

It is believed that some players have successfully negotiated deals with up to K5 million as signing on fees and K500,000 on monthly perks.



  1. Aaaaaa iwe ! When you noted that? A lot of players died and some are struggling to get day to day food, and you have been in fam for years now, do you want to tell me that you realized it today? Mafuta mwale is taking over your position and you will see and learn how to run the national organization unfortunately it will be late for you to contest again ….ng’oooooooooo

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