Child development book to solve psychosocial ills

Stephen Chansongo

Author of a book titled Girl Child Development in Schools in the Community Stephen Chansongo has said his work is aimed at solving psychosocial problems in a classroom environment.

The book which was produced within a space of one year and six months and approved by the ministry of general education in Zambia, will be launched in February this year.

Stephen Chansongo
Stephen Chansongo: The book will help in solving psychosocial problems in a classroom.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Saturday, Chansongo made known his intentions for authoring the material.

“It will help in solving psychosocial problems in a classroom so as to help tutors give lessons with ease, without the problem of misunderstanding and biasness,” he said

He added that it addresses issues to do with both boys and girls, despite the title shining the spotlight on girls. However, the author acknowledges that most of the content aim at helping girls with character development towards improving their performance in class.

The book is approved for use as a supplementary material for psychosocial education by those involved in teaching.

The material is scored at 75 percent.

Chansongo was motivated by students’ performance which he argues brought to light the gap in the system.

The Lusaka based writer believes the book will fill that gap, mainly by enhancing academic performance to 100 percent.

“I noticed the trend that most students were not doing very well despite the examinations being made using a similar approach year after year and decided to do a research on it. Basically, I was inspired by the interest.”

Girl Child Development in Schools in the Community, on the other part, reveals factors that negatively affect academic progress. This means that availability of resources on the part of students does not guarantee academic excellence.

Besides helping teachers so that they can shape students, it will also enhance the society`s understanding on character development for students.

The book will go on sale once launched and a copy will be going at K7320.

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Chansongo can be reached for more information on [email protected]­ or [email protected]­ or +260961988449 on WhatsApp.