Caregivers trained in early childhood development


Over 25 caregivers are being trained in Early Childhood Development (ECD) services in Phalombe district.

The weeklong training is being implemented with support from New Life Anointed Ministries whose executive director is Bishop Christopher Kapito.

Caregivers are being trained in ECD services in Phalombe district.

Kapito told Malawi24 that they cannot leave issues of ECD services to Malawi hence their coming in as there are many centres which government alone cannot handle due to present financial crisis.

He further said that once the caregivers are imparted with the new knowledge, they will easily do their job of developing the kids both mentally and spiritually.

“This will give them new knowledge considering that these caregivers look after kids who are in typical rural areas where these trainings do not occur frequently.

“Mental and spiritual health for the kids won’t be the same again after this training and remember that things become easy at primary school for the kids who went through the ECD centres,” concluded Kapito.

Social Welfare assistant officer Biton Mpilisi concurred with Kapito that most of the caregivers in the district lack capacity of how to interact with kids.

“It is very important to train caregivers since most of them have no capacity of how they can interact with children,” he said.

Mpilisi further reminded parents that it is their responsibility to send their kids to the ECD centres and also do what is done in the centres to these children when they are at home.

New Life Anointed Ministries have constructed a Community Based Care Centre (CBCC) worth Mk6.7 Million in Kambale Village in area of traditional authority Mkhumba where currently there are about 200 kids getting ECD services.

Meanwhile the ministry with funds from a European organization called Team Hope of Ireland has renovated Kaledzera and Mkwepa CBCCs’.





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