Woman kills 6-month-old baby


Police in Bangwe are keeping in custody a 26-year-old woman for killing her own six-month-old baby boy.

Limbe police station spokesperson Widson Nhlane confirmed this and identified the suspect as Veronika James.

Nhlane said James dumped the innocent soul named Bester Kasiya in a toilet on Sunday and the baby died in hospital later the same day.

“The suspect’s husband Kenneth Kasiya who is aged 40 left for work on this material day and around 1400 hours, he received information that his child had been dumped into a nearby pit latrine by his wife and he found out that it’s true,” he explained.

Police were informed and took the baby to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where the child died.

The woman was arrested and she will appear before court after police investigations are finalised to answer a charge of murder which contravenes section 209 of the penal code.

Veronica James hails from Nsamphe village in Traditional Authority Ngabu in Chikwawa.
Meanwhile, police are appealing to people in the country to seek guidance from their respective family or report the matter to police for proper solution when there are misunderstandings in a family.



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