Chavura’s arrest will affect music content – musicians


Local musicians have expressed worry that the legal action against hip hop artist Mwiza Chavura will have an effect on their lyrical content.

Chavura was arrested for production of a song titled Nzakupanga rape (I will rape you), which is deemed to encourage rape. He was released on bail on Friday after spending a week in police custody.

Mwiza Chavura

With a number of local songs bearing lyrics that can attract legal actions, some artists believe freedom in as far as the lyrical part is concerned will from now onwards face restrictions.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Saturday, musician Big Lu underscored that artists are now limited. He said musicians can no longer think beyond borders in their lyrics.

“It will be hard for most musicians because we are now limited to think beyond, even simple words that may be used to describe a situation for love will be regarded as profanity,” he said

He added that there is a possibility that art will be less interesting with the restriction.

“Music is broad. One needs to think beyond borders to make art interesting.”

Big-Lu: Artists are now limited.

Another top musician who opted for anonymity concurred with Big Lu. He said music reflects what happens in the society and these restrictions will only kill art.

“We understand that freedom of expression has restrictions but music is as good as fiction, meaning that musicians can play different roles as characters just like in movies. Am afraid this will kill art,” he said

However, some members of the general public believe Chavura’s story is a giant step towards establishing sanity in music. This follows a mammoth of songs produced lately in urban circles accommodating foul language.




  1. But why do people like vomiting on the social media. When chavula was arrested not even a single musician appeared at the court in solidarity with him. Now he has been released on bail mwayamba pweeeee pweeeee pweeeee. Machende ano nonse

  2. kunena zowoona nyimbo ya Chavura sinali boh kma mkuwona kwanga panalibe chifukwa chomumangira kma to hv his track banned ndikumulangiza. Kumbali inayi police az part of partial of judicial system learn kugwira ntchito popanda kuwopsezedwa ndi mbuli so called amabungwewa n in capital letters I HATE THEM MOST. Akusiya cross- cutting issues like cashgates, economy, corruption, bribery, exploitation in working places, gender based violence jst to mention few. Inu dzamabungwe musamale mkazakwiya zapanga form anti-civil society gang tizakuphwasulani mimbazo

  3. Dziko silizalola xopusa, ngat mwasowa zoimba, ingosiyani mupeza zina zochita, koma zausilu zanuzo, idont think ngat pali ziko lomwe lingavomere

  4. Wi donti wanti situpidi myuziki hiya in Malawi, zisi izi noti rayiti endi amu asiking’i ze polisi tu aresiti enewani ini zisi kantili hu du kompozi song’izi layiki Chavula.

  5. Before releasing a bomb Know Malawi nurtures human rights activists,social,political comentators,analysts,etc.I don’t know whether malawian artists have managers

  6. Which content?
    The explicit one?
    No sense and useless ….

    If you’ve run out of musical knowledge just shut your mouth instead of spoiling the music industry…

  7. I totally disagree with that…how can that affect the local music?? There’s a need for us to have a positive mind when doing our music, let’s be responsible enough

  8. Meaningless,,,,,do u think mukamaika ma lyrics opusa anuo ife zimatikomela….ofcoz is hip hop but pali oimba ena akupusha zinginizi without using abusive words

  9. Mi think we need fi hurry up and solve deh puzzle yah, Remember our duty is to first uphold the law, No matter how it ruff, you haffi think before yuh draw……. dis man nothing he dd wagwaan police keep him

  10. Oimba enanu mulibe uthenga wabwino ot mukhoza kutiuza munyimbo zanu that’s y mukumangidwa chincho, kwayemwe amaimba nyimbo zanzeru sangadandaule nazo zimenezo

  11. This shit-head called Big Lu need to understand that much as artists have rights they also have responsibilities. Or does he think one can sing a song that boasts of his intention to kill a person with albinism and go scot free? Some topics need to be avoided period.

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