MCP youths demand Kaliwo’s head

MCP Cadets

Bring us the head of the party Secretary General and the wrangles in the party will end.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) youths have given party leader Lazarus Chakwera seven days to fire the party’s Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo.

Gustave Kaliwo
Chakwera has been given seven days to fire Kaliwo.

The youth on Friday presented a petition to Chakwera demanding the dismissal of Kaliwo who they accuse of fuelling wrangles in the party.

The youth wing said Kaliwo should be removed from his position within seven days.

Members of Parliament (MPs) of the party also recently asked Chakwera to suspend Kaliwo saying that he has failed to discharge his duties.

Kaliwo was appointed as Secretary General of the MCP in 2013 after the party’s convention.

He was one of the top MCP members who wrote Chakwera earlier this month asking him to stop flouting the party’s constitution.

Chakwera has since called for a meeting of the party’s NEC following infightings in the MCP.

According to a leaked confidential memorandum that Malawi24 has seen, the meeting will be held on Sunday in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

“I, in my capacity as President of the Party, would like to invite you to a National Executive Committee (NEC) Meeting to be held on Sunday, 28th January, 2018 at the Malawi Congress Party National Headquarters from 1:00 pm,” reads the leaked memorandum dated January 18.

Chakwera however did not reveal reasons for the NEC meeting saying the aim of the meeting will be known on the same day.



  1. Chakwera abwerere kuubusa. Mkulu ameneyu achoke ndi autocrat and very dangerous to our democracy. His mafia style like putin and erdogan will infect our young democracy. There will be mass arrests if he wins to clear his way in order to remain in power and I’m afraid he’ll reintroduce one party state using these ruthless young crocs who are now having an impetus to intimidate our security services while outside the government. They really have guts: how dare they are to confiscate MBC TV’s aerial drone? Are they testing waters under the bridge or are they asking for a misfortune to start pointing fingers at Development Peoples Party(DPP)? These fanatics are really notorious and Malawi will be in for a new qisling dictator. May be he’s taking advantage of EU which seems to shield middle east dictators and he thinks he will be in the same comfortable seat.

  2. Chakwera is an autocrat. Who can remind him and his young crocs that we are in an era of debates and competition. Why not borrowing a leaf from mighty DPP: BWB was waiting for an approval from MJ conservation trust and MoU despite the president’s go ahead…Winiko not suspended from DPP nor intimidated despite having opposing views… APM accommodated Chimunthu Banda to compete with him at the 2014 DPP convention. Mighty DPP never disputed the humiliating by-election loss, but had it been Lilongwe Crocodile Party; uwi…they’ve rigged…MEC is incompetent, all sorts of stories, but the giant DPP, who knows and respects the wishes of the country men, the true democratic party bows down and strategized. Kaliwo and Msowoya are being sidelined because they’re not from Lilongwe and Mr Mia mudzaona za chibwenzi chankhwangwa. This autocrat, a quisling, wants to use you and if he wins you will be scotched.

  3. Ntchito za Mia izi musatipusitse. Chakwera akumkonda Mia chifukwa akudziwa kuti ndi katakwe pa umafia ndipo apanga bulldozer mpaka adzaimile kongilesi ndi iyeyo 2019. Mafellawa apatsidwa kenakake ndi mafiyayo…zigandanga zina n’zija zimakashupa kumaofesi kwake Ku BT pofuna yawo ya pa maby-elections.

  4. These young crocs are the ones who’ve been bribed not Kaliwo. They seem to have been paid for the anti-Kaliwo street march. Chakwera is doing all he can to intimidate MCP strong characters. These guys were elected at the democratic party’s convention which also hired Chakwera for the post he is bolstering for now, not by these young crocs. Chakwera and his chosen running mate are crooked, they really run their affairs in a mafia way. They are fierce and can’t leave things unturn until they get what they really like…he wants to run for the presidency and the only hurdle ahead of him is the party’s convention with the KHOLOKOLOs in attendance. The only way to make himself the party’s representative is to apply mafia antics of intimidating these big wigs. Now they’ve reached the extent of poising our youth…our future…the true future democracy. If these rafians are drilled to act so stupid against the will of democracy, are we really going to have true democracy any time soon? Why Chakwera is afraid of opposing views? Why is he afraid of facing these guys at a convention? This guy is an autocrat.

  5. The behaviour of these brood of vipers is questionable.It seems they are still following their old ways. Do you remember what they did to the police van that carried food ration for the police officers who were providing security in Nsanje for the by-election?If they managed to intimidate the police mobile service now what if they will win-bloody psychopaths, not so?Malawi Crocodile Party is too nepotistic…these young crocs are demanding Kaliwo’s head because he’s from Zomba. This undemocratic party has to be now called Lilongwe Congress Party or Chakwera Crocodile Party.Kaliwo is not corrupt as others are suggesting. Chakwera is a big problem, a quisling. Why is he running the party in a mafia style? Why is he scattering the party giants using the untamed gang stars? Lilongwe Congress Party is a big shame to democratic Malawi. Chakwera wants to via for the party presidency at the convention without hurdles hence suspending the hard targets. I’ve ma dictator ayi!!!!!! Mwanva mbuzi za kongiresi. We want decent guys in the caribre of APM- the democratic giants…who accommodates all views not quislings.

  6. Kodi Atadzawina Adzadula Mitu Ya Anthu Angati ? Popeza Owatsutsa Adzachulukanso Plus Ofuna Kuti Apresident Azitsata Constitution Adzakhalapobe ,ndipo Wina Ndine , Kodi Ma Youths Wa Adzatikwanitsa Kutidula Mitu ? Akuchepa ! Bwanji Kungotsata Democracy ?Ufulu Ukhalepo Wa A Kaliwo.

  7. Mcp ndichipani chawanthu osati chachibanja ngati Dpp kusinthana ufumu wamudzi,udf akuti koma mwana atenge udindo,a ford chimodzimodzi akuti koma mwanaso.mcp ikulamulidwa ndi anthu amadera osiyanasiyana mpake akaliwo ndi azao akulandira ndalama zofuna kusokoneza chipani,ndiye muchotsedwadi mupite ku dpp chipani chachibanja chomwe simukakhalaso ndimau komaso mukathere pompo ngakhale mpando wa mp simukauonaso

  8. Ine ndingovera kwa anthu zoti mcp ndiyabwino,poti ukakhala pabwino poipa pamaitana.kuno ku ns adawina ndi mp wa mcp,eeeeee koma akamapanga meeting ndi achipani:mamembala amabwezana kuti ena angamwe nawo frozy.tsono ngati achitrana zotere okhaokha,kulibwanji akadzalowa m’boma azipani zina adzamwa madzi?

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