Man leaks nude photos of girlfriend


A 27 year old man is in police custody at Kanengo Police Station in Lilongwe for leaking nude photos of his 18 year old girlfriend.

Kanengo police spokesperson Laban Makalani has identified the man as Patrick Mwapanya who is a veterinary assistance under the ministry of health.

MachingaMwapanya circulated the photos on WhatsApp.

“Police records indicate that the lady on Monday went to the house of the suspect in Area 25 sector 6 where she stayed until 1900 hours. Whilst the two were together, the man took nude pictures of the victim in secret.

“The victim discovered about the incident on Thursday after realising that her nude pictures had gone viral on social media,” Makalani said.

Following the development, the woman reported the matter to Kanengo police station.

Detectives arrested the man on Friday and he admitted leaking the pictures.

Police have since charged him with the offence of insulting the modesty of a woman.

Patrick Mwapanya hails from Chabe village, Traditional Authority Kaduya in Phalombe. He will appear before court soon.



  1. Well I live in UK there’s a new law passed. Against Revenge porn . the fact u took pictures in private doesn’t give u permission to publish protects woman after a relationship as everyman would like to damage her reputation and privacy. Also best way to save the vudeos online on an app where the videos can only be viewed when both partner input a password.

  2. Azimayi Sinthani Sinthawi Yojambula Zobisika Zanu Mumafuna Aonendani? Taoni Mukuyaluka , Mulungu Achotse Chiwanda Ichi Mudzinala Yesu!

  3. Kupusa kwa atsikana kumeneko…gels, who told u that style of loving? Mukudzisambula nokha, mot simudziwabe zoti chibwenzi chikasokonekera zambiri zimaululika? Izi zimatengera mmene’re putting your private parts on public deliberately.. No longer private organs, public now…the innocent man azunzika chifukwa chakuganiza mopeperanso kwa mkaziyo..kujambula/kujambulitsa zolaula ndikosaloledwa..i think it can also be a good lesson to other stupid gels who are even keeping nude pics of their own ready to send to a man..wat for????? Teach girls this lesson by arresting the gel too…afotokoze zolinga zake iyaaaaa

  4. Koma nde zafikapotu… Kungofalitsa zithunzi za ex, basi handcuff, eee… Pamene mwana wanduna kuba galimoto nkutayidwa, ku Malawi kumeneko… Mmmmmh.

  5. I don’t support the concept of shooting each other Nude photos .. it’s risky and shameful at the sometime but even that’s my point of view I also believe Nobody deserves the punishment of leaking their NUDES after a breakup … it’s so sad sometimes it’s good to jst let go and move on with life…

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