Wedding thief jailed for two years

Enipher Sesani

A court in Lilongwe on Wednesday sentenced 34-year-old Enipher Sesani to two years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing K3 million at a wedding ceremony.

Central Region police spokesperson Nolliettie Chihana Chimala told Malawi24 that the complainant Kruger Kaswaswa had a wedding ceremony at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

 Enipher Sesani

The wedding organizers had set seven people from both bride and grooms sides to assist as cashiers.

The wedding began with only four cashiers present from the bride’s side but in the process of the ceremony, Sesani showed up and pretended to be one of the three remaining cashiers from groom’s side.

She then assumed the position of chief cashier dethroning the duly appointed one.

“Because of the position she assumed, she was responsible for the final counting and safe keeping of the cash collected. She was given two bags of money at intervals for safe keeping,” Chimala said.
After the wedding, it was noticed that in one bag there were no 2000 kwacha and 1000 kwacha notes.

They thought probably the notes in question were in another bag because they had seen people giving out such notes during the ceremony.

“The cash was then handed over to the newly wedded family. But when they counted the cash just to confirm how much had been collected, it was surprising to note that the cash amounted to MK 398,000.

“To find out the truth, the couple called one of the cashiers who said the money was supposed to be over 3 million from the figures they counted at the wedding,” Chimala said.

Later they noticed that none of the cashiers knew Sesani and her whereabouts.
The matter was reported to Lingadzi Police where a case of theft was opened.

Fortunately, the cashiers had taken a photo with the thief during the ceremony and it was this photo which led to her identification.

The convict handed herself to Ndirande police upon discovering that her case had been posted on social media and that the police were hunting her.

During police interrogation, Sesani confessed to have stolen the cash but that it was only K1.5 million not over K3 million as reported by the complainant.

She then gave back K1.5 million which the state tendered in court as part of facts for the case.

During court proceeding, the state prosecutor pleaded for a stiff punishment on the offender considering that such premeditated crimes are dangerous and that cases of theft are rampant despite the convict being first offender.

Sesani’s lawyer pleaded for lenience on the offender saying that she gave back what she stole from the wedding.

However, Senior Resident Magistrate Shyrene Yona found Enipher Sesani, who hails from Machinjiri in Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre, worth to serve a two year jail term to deter other would be offenders.



  1. Because she is a woman only 3 years IHL. If it were a man it could’ve been thrice that. That’s why men don’t live long

  2. Iam sure she is not a first offender. She has been stealing all along only that luck was not on her side this time. Look how she has even crafted the figure from K3million to K1.5million. Clever thief indeed.

  3. Kkkkkkkk mwana wina watulusidwa Ku Malawi komweko anaba galimoto awa amagidwe mitu yanu imangwilakoma? Atulukaso ameneyo.Ndikulumbila apaa ngati Ali ndi abale ake ayende atuluka mukunama.


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    1. sorry guys I always have a problem when im doing my trip to tanzania all those carrency from zambia n malawi I dont get it right I think they always gave me less n when they said K30 million I was thinking of R300,000 not R55,000 we are SADC some of you im sure u do a crossborder job like me thats y I want to know

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