Release Chavura – Pastor Zacc Kawalala


Renowned evangelical pastor Zacc Kawalala of Word Alive Ministries has joined the bandwagon of commentators on Mwiza Chavura`s rape song saga with a view different from that held by the majority.

In sharing his thoughts on the matter through Facebook yesterday, Kawalala said the Nzakupanga Rape singer should not be prosecuted.

Homosexuality Malawi
Rev. Kawalala: Chavula needs transformation.

“This young man wrote a bad song. I would say, he said what is unacceptable in his song. However by doing that he himself hasn’t raped anyone. His song needs condemning but he needs transformation just like those prosecuting him and all of us,” he said.

The preacher however claimed that he was not condoning the rape song.

In the post, Kawalala said Malawi is a nation full of hypocrites and simpletons. His sentiments are founded on negative judgments towards Chavura over production of the song considered to promote rape, which has landed the musician in court.

“I can say without any contradiction that we are a nation full of hypocrites and simpletons. It is even very possible that those prosecuting this case have the kind of hip hop songs that they are prosecuting this guy for,” he said.

Kawalala went on to say that songs of that nature are played during wedding ceremonies, bridal showers, in cars and the majority of the population has them in their gadgets.

Pastor Kawalala also cited some acts of indecency acts which have been carried out in the country without any legal action in the aftermath, pointing out the parading of bare breasted girls.

“Haven’t we paraded bare breasted girls in public, in the midst of public and politically appointed officials of our land?” he questioned.

According to the evangelist, Chavura’s song titled Nzakupanga rape (I will rape you) is a fruit of such acts of indecency which went unpunished. In this regard, he said the artist needs transformation while condemning his song.

Meanwhile the Blantyre based hip hop artist will make his second court appearance this afternoon. His fate was largely determined by Civil Society Organizations who never ceased to call for his arrest.




  1. Yeah i think it’s good if this guy can be forgiven coz much as I am against his message but still we can show love by forgiving him for what has happened to him am sure he’s learnt a lesson and that he’ll not do it again…this guy didn’t kill anyone as such he can’t be treated like a criminal

    1. That’s why in Malawi our government is being governed by old leaders because majority of young people are useless.They celebrate mediocrity behaviour.They claim to be wiser enough but hell nooo

  2. nanga uja amaimba mikanda kuti lakataaaa uja?? Free this guy now apa zaonjeza am sure he has learnt his lesson by now.

  3. Nsiyeni munthu anayimba nyimbo zosakhala bwino ndiambiri pali kuseka kuti hehe,duntutu nkasa naye anayimba yakuti chwiii!!! anchita zachiwerewere

  4. I don’t see an issue here release him! Inu nomwe mumavera nyimbo zaku Zambia zotukwana each and everyday mumagalimoto mwanu ngati mwasowa ntchito nenani anthu akupaseni ntchito muthamange pa town……

  5. Life Nat fair people with big crimes r free but small issue rotting in cells evn bail I don’t like dat song too but de guy apologized that means anavomera kurakwa kwake so y cnt They release him….Mw will never b equal rights n fair justice

  6. Dzina palokha lakuti “pastor ” silikutanthawuza kuti munthuyo amatsatira fundo za m’malemba opatulika ambiriwa ndi myambo yothetsera umphawi wawo ndi achakazawo . Mawumboni tili nawo ochuluka akuti azibusa omwewa akupanga zinthu monga #mathanyura, # kugwililira_tiwana, #kuba #kulosera_zamabodza #kugwidwa_dzigoloro ndi zina zambiri. Ndiye kwa ine sindikudabwa ndi maganizo akuluwa

  7. I know this guy was arrested on moral grounds ne but on the other hand democratically, he is being deprived of his freedom to speak.

    1. Patrick, there is an essence of truth in what u are saying but freedom should be exercised in the framework of the law and without inflinging other pples rights. Though the public does not like the song and its content, i am of the views that the guy should be released since he apologised to the nation and admitted that the song was not supposed to be aired on the first place.

    1. Bwana mutabvera nkhani za times radio Kapena mulowe Ku page yawo mumva kuti mwezi okha wa January a police alandira milandu yakwana 14 yogwililira chobvetsa chisoni mwa milandi yonseyo 11 ndiyogwililira tiwana zimene zikugwilizana ndi uthenga womwe akulengeza abwanawa kulimbikitsa anthu Khalidwe losayenera ndi pang’ono pomwe

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