Man fined for leaking nude video


The Zomba Senior Resident Magistrate Court has ordered a 36-year-old man to pay a fine of K250,000 for circulating a nude video clip on social media.

The convict Monty Amin Milanzi committed the offence on December 6, 2017 at Kalonga village in Mangochi district.

According to Eastern Region Police Prosecution Officer Senior Superintendent Dickens Mwambazi, Milanzi on 6th December, 2017 with intent to extort money from the victim called her that he was in possession of her nude video clip.

He then demanded K200,000 cash from the woman so that he should not subject her to shame by posting the clip on social media.

The victim did not give Milanzi the said amount and in turn Milanzi went ahead to post the video clip on social media.

According to Mwambazi, Milanzi accessed the video clip which the victim shot herself on her phone when he borrowed the victim’s phone to transfer some music from his handset to the victim’s handset.

But instead of just doing what they agreed, the convict transferred the video clip to his phone without the victim’s consent.

In court, Milanzi pleaded guilty to both charges of extortion and circulation of obscene materials contrary to section 305 (2) and 179 (1) (d) of the Penal code respectively.

In his submission before sentencing, Senior Superintendent Mwambazi asked the court to consider giving the convict a stiff sentence considering what the victim went through after her nude video clip went viral.

He said what the convict did is a violation of right to privacy and the victim was emotionally abused.

In mitigation, Milanzi asked for leniency saying that he is a first offender and did not waste the court’s time as he pleaded guilty to both charges.

Passing sentence on Wednesday afternoon, Senior Resident Magistrate Paul Chiotcha agreed with the state that the privacy of the victim was violated as the video clip was not meant for the general public.

He however noted that that the cases in question are misdemeanours and the convict is a first offender and pleaded guilty to the charges levelled against him.

The magistrate then ordered the convict to pay a K250,000 fine – K200,000 for extortion and K50,000 for circulating obscene matters –  or in default serve 24 months in prison.

The convict has paid the fine and has since been released. Out of the amount, K200,000 will be given to the victim as compensation.

Monty Amin Milanzi comes from Kalonga village, in the area of Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi district.



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