Chavura released on bail


The Senior Resident Magistrate Court in Lilongwe has today granted bail to Ndizakupanga Rape singer Mwiza Chavura.

Senior Resident Magistrate Violet Chipawo granted Chavura bail saying the artist surrendered himself to police on Friday last week after hearing that he was wanted.

Mwiza Chavura
Mwiza Chavura: released

She then ordered him to pay K50,000 as bail bond, report to Blantyre Police every Thursday and cooperate with the police during investigations.

In his remarks after the ruling, the musician’s lawyer Nicely Msowoya said the bail is one step to victory.

“We are very happy that the accused person has been granted bail. This will give us the opportunity to consult with him on several things that will be needed when the court hearing starts,” he explained.

Hearing of the case will start on 21st February, 2018.

The artist was arrested for releasing a song that promotes rape and was charged with producing obscene materials, which is contrary to Section 179 (1) (a) of the Penal Code.

Chavura’s song caused controversy and was condemned by various rights organisations after it was uploaded on a music sharing site. The censorship board in Malawi also banned the song.



  1. Ku bannidwa kwa nyimbo…kumangidwa kwa artist..can even give the song hundred times more publicity and success unfortunately the law of demand and supply if blind to sense. The artist can also have a stronger following for example if he releases just another normal song and also if he goes on tour right now and also he came make money through appealing on TV..newspaper and also writing a book. Then going oversees to seek asylum. There’s a smarter way of mutating stuff like this..if the artist was encouraged to withdraw the song from the market and express remourwe on the lyrics and voluntary make efforts against the song then the business case which creates morbid demand for the song could have died. Remember people are inquisitive tourist travel around the world to see places where other people dies..they pay money to visit for places.. So negative things make money however only the artist could withdraw the message or lyrics..but remember artist must always be free to create their artist work without oppression.. If an artist want to make cartoon of the president let him do it. Its just fiction and also just an art..if people do not like it they should express their freedom by chossing not to listen to it just as he chose to sing it. And to artist..remember we are a fee country however we at also of a high moral and religous background.. Our freedoms are fresh therefore there’s s imaginary boundaries we are not like the west. Reference to crimes in at work should be portrayed in an artist constest to enjoy the artist immunity so to say other wise DRY AND BAD LYRICS on controversial topics will simply be deriberately misinterpreted by law enforcer.

  2. The funny side of law is could be illegal to encourage people to smoke and grow marijuana. however it is not a crime to kampeni for the legalisation of marijuana and its cultivation. Thereby by delivering the same effect of encouragement and publicity without breaking the law. artist must enjoy artist freedom in there art work.. A director and play write should be free to write a play or film of a President who goes receive bride from a big asian economy and a neighbouring rival country undermined his own countries sovereignty and sell off part of his country for personal gain. No limits however disclaimer..warning and a statement of fiction should be issued for clarity and material should have advisory warning and ratings. Advisory warning is a MUST because some stupid idiot can misunderstood the lyrics for being just artist and go on to implement. A song doesn’t encourage anything..other wise we could have been better off after snging and hearing the national atherm over 1999 times.

  3. #Thimbos udikile kaye kuti udzawone kuwawa kwake agogo ako amai ako achemwali ako Kapena akazi ako ngakhalenso mwana wako akadzagwiliridwa padakali pano kwa iweyo ndikukubvomeleza sukudziwa kuwawa kwake komwe mwina enanu mudzafika pakupha munthu chifukwa simukudziwa uluru omwe umabwera chifukwa cha nkhani zimenezi

    1. Nyimbo zoipa zikuimbidwa enafe ndife mbuli musaiwale Malawi muno anthu timavera nyimbo zochuluka zojambulidwa pa kanema molaula musaname kuti munthuyu ndioyamba kuimba zoterezi inu mukavera nyimboyi mukagwirira titero ?
      Anthu amaimba nyimbo zaufiti ?

  4. Am not supporting Chavura pazomwe anakamba mu nyimbo yake koma pena pake akulu akulu kumipandoko ulemelero wadzko lapans ukupusitsan!! Nkhan iy mwana uyu amaenele kungolangzdwa, ku banner nymboyo momwe mudapangla muja bas koma mpaka ndende zoona? Ndangat mwainu akumipando mul nd mbir zakuba, kupha etc? Nanga ndangat munamangdwako? U always cover each other pazanuzo koma osauka nde en ndende, Mulungu siJemusi’tu amagwetu!! Amaona ndpo Amanva!! Ghetto Yuts Cyaah Suffer Fi Eva

  5. Otsawuka alibe mawu brather billy kaunda anatelo…koma choyipa chisata mwini mwatulusa bola atsamwalile sipolice ya kumalawi imapha oyimba monga ngati evason matafale remember police kill matafale

  6. Am Dont Understand Inu Amabungwe Mungosiya Tchito Yanu, Kodi Mungoyang’ana Mbali Imodzi Chifukwa Chani? Kuli Ufulu Masiku Ano Bwanji Simunalimbana Ndi Tionge Uja Komaso Nachipati Ali Kuti? Malawi Anagalamuka Nkhani Zopusa Sitizifuna Mutisamale

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